Nuked from SERPs, kinda bummed out

by esmein
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What I do:

I write content for my own sites. I've been going after long-tail traffic using highly relevant, unique content (others simply call this "content"). I must admit I don't write the most stellar of pieces, but at least I know my subject and do research so that I don't talk utter nonsense just to hit a word count.

What happened:

Today I woke up to see that my statistics for the day are as barren as a nuclear testing site. Sure enough, quick googling around -- and I don't obsess about ranking individual keywords -- confirmed that my entire site was sacked. Even if I put the entire article title as the search query, I get nothing. 6-8 word queries of exact wording don't rank my articles in the first 5 pages (logged out, cache deleted). Everything is indexed just fine as the site: operator and article title between quotation marks confirms.

Why it bothers me:

This is the second time it's happened to a project of mine. I had/have a vanity project of a site with about 120 articles that have nothing to do with keywords in the traditional sense. Traffic kept creeping up to about 100-120 uniques a day as I carried on writing unique and well polished content (and at that time I took pride in it). Then it plummeted to 4 visitors a day for a month after that. Not a change of trends. If anything, the topic is currently on the upswing.

No shady link building done to any of these propterties, mind you. I just did what a webmaster is expected to do: worry about your visitors and search engines sort themselves out. Nope, Chuck Testa.

What next:

I've been playing the white knight for two years now. I've been producing content with a purpose. Insightful, useful. Funny at least if nothing else. When that big project site was sacked, I turned to a faithful little earner of a niche site of about 40 pages I had chugging along on the back burner. The goal was to keep beefing it out, and beefing it I did. Traffic kept rising as I put new things up there up to the point of just about 120 uniques a day. No dice. Nuked.

I am on the brink of breaking down in tears/going on a rampage/ditching white hat altogether. But I'm disappointed above all. I've lost direction and lost my 'faith' in doing things the right way.

What now?
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    Hi Esmein,
    Your best option at this point is to build links. If you haven't been building links or using any blackhat onpage tactics, you can assume that your site hasn't been penalized. Sounds like you need some votes of confidence for the search engines to see your site as a resource. You clearly don't have an issue writing, which is awesome for you. Write a few articles, manually spin them then do some article marketing for multiple pages of your site. Vary your anchor text and monitor the site's analytic data. Give it a month and see how the site performs. But don't give up, because you have options.
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    One of my sites has been bouncing around #1 & #2 for about a month now, traffic & revenue has been great. Then today i had about 1/3 of my usual traffic so I checked the serps ranking and it was completely bounced off google (Over 500).

    I'm hoping its a temporary thing as I've spent quiet a bit of time working on it.
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    great testimony!Is that a tool you are using??? I don't trust automated tools.
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