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Hi. All.

Thought I'd share this. I got a fivver gig where a guy made and uploaded a video using video geiser. I noticed after 2 days the video was page 1 on Google, number 1 result on videobash, so I went and registered and uploaded another video with another keyword and in less than 12 hours I was page 1 again. They have a photo upload as well so I tried this and guess what page 1 again.
So go there and register it works I don't no why but it does. Good luck.
Here is a link to the video on videobash.
Quality Handmade Glasses Holders & Glasses Chains - Funny Videos at Videobash

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    thanks for share.
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    Here is what I done 2 days ago for the keyword phrase chains for glasses. video and photo results. Top 3 results.
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    Thanks for the tip.
    I'm trying it right now for "software training courses", it has slightly more competition than yours but I believe it's still reasonable so let's hope it works for me too
    Do you use Facebook ? Then you can make money just by inviting people to a Facebook group ! It's called the Instant Income System. How cool is that?
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    hiya just wondering did you try from a different computer and make sure your logged out?

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    thanks for the share. But according to few sources, this thing needs time and concentration and is not as easy as it looks
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    getting, i think due to bump of traffic from this thread :p
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      It might work for 1 day yes. Videobash shows up at page 4 here, not that bad.

      Most probably you just saw personalized results.
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