How do I Get More Traffic To My Site Using Social Media ? Will 50 SU Votes From Fiverr Work ?

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Hi Guys,

After being slapped about 4 months ago and BMR going down i`ve lost my rankings and traffic i want to try to get some of that back by using social media i`m playing with SocialADR and trying to learn SYNND to use as systems to get more traffic.

I will admit i know very little about getting traffic with social media so want to ask you guys here how i can use social media to get more traffic whats the best way of going about this ?? please advise me.

Could i just ask .. I hear StumbleUpon is one of the best for getting actual traffic whats wrong or right with adding the SU button to my site then ordering a fiverr gig for 50 SU votes ??

thanks Jim
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    Can anyone give me any advice on getting more traffic to my site using social media SU, Digg Reddit ect ect pls
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    I used to get huge amount of traffic from Stumbleupon years ago. However, fiverr is not really the answer. You must have a good network of real friends behind you and be an active senior member on stumbleupon in order to get that traffic. Ofcourse you can skip these tough requirements if you find an old timer to suggest your very viral url to his friends on stumbleupon. This last scenario is very unlikely. Paying people on fiverr for this service will only attract almost automated votes (small changes to get votes from real people).

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