US Search Engine Ranking with UK Registered Domain?

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Hi Warriors,

Would be grateful for some help.

I have a .com domain registered with a UK based company and I want to create a site that will ultimately rank well in the US search engine results. I have another, separate hosting account set up on a US based server.

If I point my UK registered domain at the US based server will the site rank in the US search listings or will I need to transfer the domain to the US based hosting account?


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      Originally Posted by theyoungmarketer View Post

      Make sure you register that domain with webmaster tools and in there you'll see that it will be automatically set to targeting uk only.

      What you need to do is remove that setting but ultimately a .com domain will do better turning up on a US search.

      So maybe you might want to think about getting a .com domain.

      Great solution for Google (thanks!). Won't of course work for the other search engines.

      It is a .com name that my query relates to. If the domain is managed by a UK company but I point it at a US based server would this be sufficient to stand a good change of ranking in the US search results?



      Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I think what you are really trying to ask is whether having your .com (not domain registered in the UK will have an adverse effect on it's ability to rank on Google despite being hosted in the US?

    I have seen plenty of UK-based .com sites in the Google rankings, but I haven't checked to see if they are hosted in the UK or not. My understanding is that the DNS servers matter more than the registrar, so as long as it is on a US-based server, it should hit the US search rankings. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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