A few questions to those who have been nailed...

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1.) Do you have webmaster tools installed and a message inside that says you've been bad? I received one on ONE of my sites, a about a week ago, before the 24th when hell broke loose. But now I dont even want to go lurk around there as I feel they could be watching. (I kjnow I am being far overparanoid)

2.) Has anyone seen any recovery at all? So far I've seen none, maybe even goign down a few more notches since DeathDay.

3.) What are your thoughts? Do you think we will return? My sites stood steady like massive ships in a storm throughout panda and all the other crap. I have some old school sites that just NEVER got touched until this... and its brought me to a very dark place.. But I still have this little piece of hope that a lot of it will return...

4.) Sometimes I feel that its an ON-SITE issue, nto back-links really at all. I feel sites that were written as google-food with lots of anchor text interlinking might be part of this?
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    I also think that things HAVE to return somewhat.. here's why:

    Right now G is ranking old medicre stuff with no backlinks.

    They have a double edged sword here:

    They can rank mediocre old stuff or they can rank stuff that has backlinks and has been (at least somewhat) written for the search engines but offers far more value than the content they are currently ranking...
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    1. We have WMT on all our client websites - only two sites got hit. One was our own business website (probably due to anchor texts in footers of all the websites we've built and launched over the years). The other was a website that the only thing we did differently was repost the clients blog posts on Squidoo for additional traffic.

    2. All of our other client rankings are continue to rise like normal - no hits.

    3. I think Google has to roll back this update, simply due to the SERPs displaying garbage listings for many areas.

    4. I disagree, since many of the sites replacing the first page are GARBAGE. Some with ZERO CONTENT! It was definitely caused by some SEO tactic you people were using. We only publish unique, unspun content, social bookmarking and directory submissions. No profile links, blog comments, spun garbage, etc. I suspect it has to do with that.
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    I have a number of sites in my webmaster tools account. One got a 'unnatural links' warning about a month ago. It has lost zero rankings, even as of today. On the other hand, a number of other sites that did not get warnings, and still don't have warnings in the webmaster tools, have completely dropped out of the rankings.

    The one site that got the unnatural links warning was a test site for specific marketing. I know that marketing to be wrong in the eyes of google, but it was a test site for something very specific.

    Of the sites that dropped completely today, a couple were also test sites for other types of marketing, but a great number of them were not - all white hat, good content, many of them ranking for over 5 years on page one with quality original content.

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    OneManSeo: Did you receive a message in WMT for the punished sites
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      Originally Posted by momo3 View Post

      OneManSeo: Did you receive a message in WMT for the punished sites
      No, we did not. They were just there Monday and gone Tuesday. Only some keywords dropped off the map though - the one's that were in the footer for our company and the one's I used when I republished our client's blog on Squidoo. The rest of the keywords either held steady or dropped slightly for those two websites.

      All of our other client website's have continue to hold strong or increased slightly.
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    1, Yes I was using WMTs and analytics. I had a hardcore blackhat site in there and a whitehat, all of them have gone, it seems I'm labelled as a spammer. My link building methods for all of my sites are quite different, the links profiles are almost 90% different, but the techniques are similar.

    2, My internal pages are ranking, no index page.

    3, I think it's to early to tell, It seems Google knows where the crud is regarding where these backlinks are placed and is in the process of removing them from their index or devaluing them, if you have some links that Google values then your site may return abit, you just have to wait and find out. You have to imagine here the amount of crappy spun pages being blasted out everyday stuffed with links, then pinged and hit with more spammy links times that buy 100k internet marketers and you've got a right mess!

    Personally I think my sites have gone and they won't be returning but that doesn't mean I'm going to delete them, I'm going to keep them. I know by now to wait it out, it's the only thing you can do, don't be too hasty.

    4, I think it's safe to say it's backlinks + velocity + volume + pagerank + serps increase + impressions increase + CTR increase and possibly + adsense earnings increase, plus some other stuff that they've been working on like being able to determine the content they are placed in better and whether that relates to the overall theme of the site, the on page attributes i.e in a comment field or article also reverse engineering the domains where alot of these links are placed.

    These are the sites Google found it hard to knock out the first time round, that appear more whitehat and that are probably appearing in more competitive niches with higher quality links and more link diversity. Bearing in mind that they are going after the sites your links are on, if your rankings have dropped then thats why. I think it's more of a massive link devaluation and Google's algo is finding you site behaving a little strangly.

    It doesn't stop the fact that all Google are left with now is the cruddy splogs that were used to hold these sites up. Perhaps they will be working to filter these sites out even more, but what they will be left with then is loads of outdated pages people have forgotten about.
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      1. Yes installed / No message
      2. No
      3. Hoping and praying they come to their senses, or else I may be homeless very soon.
      4. Not the case for me. My sites were not keyword stuffed, not over optimized. I also have no blog network links offsite.

      In summation - no idea why this happened to every single site of mine, across the board. I see no major issues, and they're far superior to my competitors. I'm flummoxed.
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        I think backlinks from blogs (especially the spammy types) got included as well on this update. Had a site that was prodominately backlinked from blog comments, it in top 3 for the last two years but now nowhere.
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