How do I find out Where I currently rank for a Keyword?

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Hi, this may have been asked many times before but I can't find it anywhere - - -

Is there a Free Tool online to see where you rank for a Specific Keyword to your website?

I just don't really want to go through pages and pages on Google to find myself at Position 1038!

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    I recommend you download the free Rank Tracker tool . It works great!
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    I use seoserp(dot)com

    When I double check it is quite accurate.

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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    Firefox do a free rank checker tool.

    You can download a copy over at seo book.
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    Originally Posted by technary View Post

    There is no such free tool at the moment. But Alexa Rank tells you more about your website statistcs and ranking.
    Eh? There are plenty of tools which will do this for you. I recommend SEO Powersuite's Rank tracker, FREE edition.
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      I use keywordenvy(dot) com. It's easy and it got all the search engine results too.
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    Thanks guys!

    I will have a look at some of them, I knew there must be some out there but had no idea where to look and this Forum is the perfect place for things like this - thanks!
    Most think that it was God who created man in his own image but it was us who created God in ours.

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    Type your main website keyword into the Google, Yahoo or Bing Search and you shall see if your web domain will appear anywhere on the first 2 pages in Search results. Unfortunately, it doesn't help much for your other keywords or topics, when they don't come up in first Search results pages. You can try other keywords or combos from a given webpage (not the domain or index page) title which could mean that you rank well or not for one of those keywords.
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    If you are like me then you probably finding a tool that would be able to check ranks within Google, Yahoo, bing, AOL and many other search engines. Also you would like to check ranks within google local searches such as or etc. For all of these stuffs you should try SEO powersuits rank tracker Rank Tracker - Track Your Search Engine Rankings Easily!.
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    so many advertisement , I use, its free.
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    Here you are Free software easy use

    mediafire . com ?q8e1754rx6crz1q
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    FREE Search Engine Rankings Check in Seconds <-- reliable always there for a quick spot check.

    Microsite Masters - Pricing <-- the free version. Check multiple domains and their rankings at a glance. Nice reports. Put in several domains and keywords. Log in to check them every day. Too easy

    Discuss your favorite cancelled or ended TV shows in a fun friendly community.
    Check out this political debate forum.
    Also run an awesome community where you can get FREE Tech Support.

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    1. Rankerizer
    2. Micrositemasters
    3. SERP Attacks
    4. Rank Tracker

    1. Micrositemasters
    2. Rank Tracker
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    I've actually spent quite a bit of time researching this as I began studying search engine optimization.

    I found that there are a number of programs that are available with varying price structures.

    SEO Powersuite is a great tool for SEO professionals and makes a great deal of tasks easy. Specifically what you would be searching for is called Rank Tracker which offers an automated software tool to search your rankings based on where you are placed in google. It will tell your specific rank in the top 100 of google rank. Also this software offers optimization advice based on your backlinks and provides really through reports.

    If you're interested I can provide you with a link for their Competitive Discount which will save you $50 bucks for the Professional Version. Just PM me. (Note: this is not an affiliate link of any kind. I do not make commission from them and have no affiliation, just like their software and appreciated their willingness to help and support)

    I know they charge an Algo update fee after 6 months but it definitely seems like a worthwhile tool for someone seriously practicing SEO.

    The SEOMoz subscription is also available but costs 100 bucks a month. I heard very good reviews about this program as well but have not tried it yet as I am using SEO Powersuite at the moment.

    Other then that you may wish to try the following free tools,
    • SEO Book Rank Checker for Firefox
    • Caphyon Advanced Web Ranking
    And of course there's the manual searching with

    Best of luck.
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    This topic will help many members like me. Thanks for your great share guys.
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    I use both and

    Just try these!
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    No need to buy any software..
    This guy is offering Free online service for checking rank..
    FREE Search Engine Rankings Check in Seconds

    Rajinder ricky(100% rating on fiverrr + over 4000 positive reviews for backlinks service)
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    You can use Rank Tracker or other free tools. Just search them on Google.
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    rank checker tool of is the best tool to check where the keywords are currently ranked, try it for getting the better results
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    Is there any tool one can use to check Domain Ranking.

    Tried some of the suggestions above, and they all got me at nothing.
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    I use Rankerizer. It's free and it's also easy to swap between countries.
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    I mostly use for this purpose Rank Tracker....
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    Same here, I tried some of the ones above but there is no good info and some of them you have to pay for?
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    you can use free tool for multi keyword checking "Rankerizer" or web based script Rank Checker
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