WordTracker? How Do I Deal With Them?

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Hello Folks,

I want to start using wordtracker's keyword research tool. I do not know how good their tool could be - but I guess it's that good.

I naturally love a 'set-and-forget' system like Autoresponders, therefore I will love to pay them and forget about it for a very long time. My question is: Since I would like to pay them for more than a full year, does anyone have any negation about them and about my present venture?

Again, do they have any decent discount coupon?

Answers will be greatly appreciated.

Louis Kennedy.
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    Hi Louis,

    I'm Mal, and I work with Wordtracker.

    We do have a free 7 day trial which you can get to from the trial link on our home page - it gives you a chance to check out the tools for yourself and make a clear decision about how they can help you.

    The trial generally migrates to a monthly subscription, but by buying an annual subscription during the trial period, you'll prevent this from happening (or of course you can cancel at any time and pay nothing).

    Any questions you have along the way can be directed to 'support' at wordtracker.com (I can't post links here!), and our team will get back to you promptly with answers.

    I hope you get on well with the tools - as well as keyword research, you'll also have access to SERPs tracking and our new Site Audit tool, both of which can provide invaluable help to your SEO.

    All the best,

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