Keyword ranking nationally but not regionally...Why?

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Hello All,

I am a newbie and appreciate all help and advice.

My website had great rankings for one of my main keywords for a few years. I was was sent an "unnatural links" notification by google in late February. I had used BMR for a short time so I guess this was the culprit. My ranking were great long before I used BMR which an expert SEO advised to do.

Once I was penalized my main keyword went to page 4 (from # 3 on page 1) The issue is if you search the keyword with the setting for United States its on page 4 but if you search in New York NY (my main market) It is not there at all on any pages.

Why would this happen regionally and what should I do?. I only have whitehat SEO now, I have been adding content via blogs.

Thank you very much for your help.
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    Anyone have any ideas why this would happen and what I could do? Thank you
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    It could be due to the anchor text. The real lesson is to never listen to that SEO "Expert" again.
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      Thanks Mister Rex. What would I do to fix that? I no longer use that "expert" Thanks again
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    There are some local seo specialists around here that will be able to give you more help but you need to look at showing Google that your site is relevant to the local area. Google Places is a natural starting point but look at business directories to help tie your address to your website.
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    His problem isnt really a local SEO problem in that sense of the word. The truth is, results change with each geo you search.

    Without knowing the site and keywords it is impossible to tell. A lot of factors go into this. But, if you were targeting a localized anchor text with those BMR posts, then that is what got you.

    The other factor that comes in is New York is a lot more competitive than other smaller geos. So, there are a lot of people competing for those phrases. Truth is, no one can help you with what little info you gave us - all we can do is theorize.
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    You have some crappy backlinks! I see you on page 3-4 for most geos. You did target New Your keyword pretty heavily in your anchors. How about your rankings in Connecticut, did they take a big hit?
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      Mister Rex, again thanks for helping. I was told by my SEO company that my connecticut leads were not good and to concentrate more on the NY market. MY keywords for the NY terms are all in good shape. The real keyword that works is the generic "private investigator" keyword which I need help getting back. If I was on page 4 and took a hit like a lot of people I would not be as worried but I am GONE from NY.

      Please, any help or strategy for a newbie is much appreciated.
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    Well, there is good news for you. Your site has some really good backlinks. The problem is all those articles and stuff. See if you can start removing some of the articles from article directories and other blog comment type links.

    I think a decrease in those links will give you a boost. Its gonna be tough. Try to get some guest blog posts within the PI niche also.
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      My old blog articles are the problem? or ones from BMR? which got me in this situation. BMR told me they removed all the links. I also had LinxBoss so maybe they are the culprit. Should I have them remove all the links?

      I recently just started writing lots of good articles within the industry and for people who need help which I started to post but want to write one everyday. I am just unsure what to do with them besides post on my blog and link to Facebook and twitter. I have no idea how and where to post them.

      I just posted another thread to get advice on what to do with my blog once I write it. Someone suggest Magic Submitter.

      THANK YOU!!
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    I am only talking about offsite stuff. Your articles on goarticles and blog comments try to get those removed and stop doing it.

    You need to get out of the blog commenting/ blog submission game. That is what got you in trouble. You need to focus on getting links in your niche via guest blogging, and other means. Also, create linkbait on your blog to get links naturally.
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      Thank you Mister Rex.

      I have cancelled BMR and LinxBoss. BMR removed all the links. I guess I should have LinxBoss do the same.

      !.How do I find and removed the articles myself?
      2.How do I create linkbait on my blogs

      Any instruction would be helpful.

      I really appreciate your help.
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