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Is this is a bad idea? Should I take one of them down? After my article from Ezine went live, my rankings dropped 2 pages! ( I have the same post on Hubpages). Its very hard to determine cause and effect with SEO but was you think I should take the article down from one of the sites? Thanks
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    Duplicate content will get penalized, and I would beware hub pages police will catch on and probably suspend your hub until its re-written.

    Hope this helps
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    Hubpages doesn't allow duplicate content. They will remove your hub as soons as they detect it.
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      took it down, thanks guys. Had a momentary lapse in judgement.
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    So, isn't this syndicated content and not duplicate content? That being said, hubpages may want "unique" content.

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    There is no penalty associated with syndicated content. It may be against a website's TOS to post duplicate content but submitting the same post on ezine and hub pages won't hurt your rankings. Duplicate content will only effect your rankings if the content is on your webpage and syndicated across the web. Syndication works well for established sites with authority, because the search engines will consider their content the most relevant. Its a bad idea for low-authority niche sites because when you put the same content from your site on sites like hub pages, their content is often considered more relevant because of their domain age and over all authority.
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