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Hit my 5th page of content, decided to do it right from day one. Only been up for a week or two, so no traction on page rank right now, just focusing on content and stuff right now.

Any tips for adsense? Is the process usually long? Anyone NOT get approved lol?
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    maybe you could pay $5 on fiverr to get a 48hours approved adsense. i have used this guy called "adsensejust". You can go to fiverr and search for that name. its just 5 bucks and he gets your adsense approved within 48hours or even 24hours depending on the country you are from.

    Am not in any way affiliated to this guy but because he gives me great service thats why i am recommending him to you. thanks
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  • Adsense approval process doesn't take that much time.. mostly maximum two days. But in some cases they make take some more time for review. But not all Adsense application gets approved so be sure if you have enough content on your website and the website isn't breaking any rules established by them, however, in case of rejection they give you the proper reason and you can always apply again for Adsense.
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    Using fiverr for adsense approval is like taking a match to your money. Ridiculous idea. It can sometimes get approved in a matter of hours.. but as stated, rarely takes longer than a day.
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    I recommend setting it up yourself, its safer and better as well as gives you the chance to know whether your account will be approved or move to another business model.

    It also won't cost a thing to set it up yourself.

    You can try with your site, blogger or hubpage.

    Just ensure you have sufficient (minimum 5) content on your site, blog or hub before applying for ad sense account.
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    The thing is your site should have quality and it meets Google Adsense terms and conditions, your account would be approved.

    If not approved then try following, by creating account on these blogging sites:


    you can get approved soon from these sites.
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    All the best for quick approval, hope your account will be approved soon.
    If you are obeying privacy of their terms and condition, your account will be approved within a week.
    In my case it took complete month to get approval.
    Best of luck.

    This article might help you after getting adsense approval-
    What to Do after getting adsense approval

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