3 easy steps to rank post Penguin update

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First, find your money keywords (if you don't already know them). Then choose the best one, dont bother trying to think of long tail and multiple other ways people might actually find you.


1: Register with xrummer or some other forum profile software and build 20,000+ profiles a day with that keyword as anchor text. Google could never figure out forums area easy to get links on when u register.

2: Use scrapebox to post 5-10K blog comments with the same anchor text. As long as their high PR, no way Google will get mad

3: Hire some overseas people to spin your favorite blog post from your competitor 10,000 times and submit it to ALN, etc. Don't worry if you can't read it at all, Google will never figure this out, they r dumb.

P.S. Make sure this all goes to one page with 4 or 5 adsense ads on it. Ideally the page should have yellow highlighted text and require you to scroll down through 8,000 words of testimonials and other sales copy you found on other ebook or get rich quick sites.

Trust me, do this and you will win!

**disclaimer: this is a joke, don't do this**
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