is there any online web tool for blog commenting

by john99
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I got a number of free software for blog commenting.But I cannot run them due to low configuration of my computer.ANYONE can please suggest some free online blog commenting tool?

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    Do you need a tool to automate your blog commenting process? I don't know any tool for it and i think if you find an automated tool for blog commenting, it can't help you because blog commenting should be done manually that your comments to be approved.

    I love warriorforum.

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    i googled and found this: it is dofollow blog finder, not auto commenter.
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    If you're going to look for an auto-commenter, I suggest that you stop right there. The best tool you can use for your blog commenting campaign is yourself. You just have to interact with people online the same way that you talk to people in person. If you're looking for another dofollow blog finder, search for "Drop My Link" on Google. Another thing: don't focus too much on those sites that allow you to leave dofollow links. Make it look more natural by having nofollow links as well.
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      thanks you very much.Though i did not find what i asked,but it is great to find dofollow blogs.thanks
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        Originally Posted by john99 View Post

        thanks you very much.Though i did not find what i asked,but it is great to find dofollow blogs.thanks
        I don't think a web based automated blog commenter exists.

        That said, blasting away blindly at your main site is a good way to get it slapped these days. You're much better off manually leaving comments on higher quality blogs.
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    DoFollow Diver - The Premier DoFollow Blogs Search Engine <- Here's one

    Beware of doing too many blog comments, you'll end up being one of the victim of the recent penguin update
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  • Manual blog commenting is the way to go. If you are looking for sites that give links back to you for SEO purposes, then I would do a search for "CommentLuv Your Keywords -Enabled". I put the minus Enabled because I have seen a lot of the sites using an older version of the CommentLuv plugin that does not work and the only pattern I could find to eliminate these was "-Enabled".

    If you want only dofollow blogs, then you should install a dofollow plugin in firefox or chrome and turn it on when you are searching. If you keep track of the ones you find, you can come back to them and comment again to get another link in the future. Just be sure to make your comment relevant or it will get deleted by the blog owner.
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    Manual blog commenting on high authority blogs is definitely more effectiveness and naturality for your site.
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    anyone know of a good semi auto blog commentor software? Like comment kahuna, which I cannot get to work.

    A software that finds blogs, filtered by various choices, then one click enters the name, email and url. The actual comment has to be hand written.

    There used to be a few good free ones but I cannot find any now. Blog Commenting Demon does not work well at all for me. Something that works kind of like that but works.
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    I don't find any tool that is free for blog commenting online. But you can find free tools (like "comment kahuna") to download them. And you can use them for commenting.

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    • There are some automatic tools, but they won't help you too much. Take a few minutes every day and leave comments on blogs related to your niche. This is the best way to establish credibility and drive targeted traffic to your site.
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