YOUR link building (link juice) strategy for 2012

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask here all the people who invest in their backlinking efforts - especially those who see results after Panda (onsite SEO) and Penguin (offsite SEO) that they still rank, what do you do to get more backlinks? who is quality that is free today?

i know about social bookmarking using only wire and the veteran ezinearticles, i tried with them and it seems they are not doing so well at all.

also in my mind there are two linking strategies
1. create many mini blogs and (thumbler , squidoo ) and link to your main website
2. create manyh mini blogs linking to each other

i prefer the 1st one.
But still using the all known methods not seems to be working for 2012, so can you share your way of work for 2012 that you see results?

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