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How do you guys unfollow ppl who don't follow you back? Maybe I should ask - what is the best tool and how much is it?
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    I unfollow people who don't follow back, and people who become inactive.

    My tool of preference is JustUnfollow - Find and unfollow twitter users who unfollowed me

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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      There's a better way.

      In fact, any third party crapola that you
      use to unfollow people is not a good idea. Why
      play with your valuable twitter account?
      Use this:
      Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter? | Friend or Follow
      Type in any twitter name, and it shows you who
      is not following back. Then, one at a time, you
      can unfollow them. But, yes, you need to be logged
      into twitter. But I always that via the twitter site.

      You need to unfollow people for a lot of reasons. Here's
      2 quick ones. I unfollow to maintain an almost perfect
      balance of followers to following. You need to maintain
      a high ratio anyway. This shows people you are worth
      a follow because you follow back. Unfollowing also
      pays back the idiots who ride your coattails just for
      a little while to get some of your juice. I hate
      those bas!@##$rds.

      If you don't maintain a high enough ratio for the fraction:
      followers/following, then eventually you won't be able to
      follow anyone. Twitter has this in place so some fool
      cannot just start following boatloads of people. The first
      major point is 2,000. You can only follow 2,000 unless
      your ratio is high. I forgot the ratio. It used to be 90%
      or so. Which meant you could not follow more than 2000
      unless 1800 were following you.

      I unfollow more as a payback. Like I said, I hate those
      clowns with a passion.

      As another example, I don't want people to see something like me
      following 10,000 with 9,000 followers. Make me look like an
      easy touch to get a follow back, then dump me.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Thanks, i was looking for some decent tool to unfollow people who don't follow back. I will use the tool mentioned to clean up my twitter account.
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    I used to follow and unfollow the use tweetattacks tools, simple tools, these tools seem to be able to login to some of your twitter account .. hopefully useful info from me
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    Not allowed to post links yet but google "twitter karma". It is free but not automated.
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