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Hello guys,
I need some advice from real life test, hope you can help me.

Lets say this is a title for my nutrition site:

logo | Nutrition Plan | Supplements, Diets & Weight Loss

1.Is it possible to rank for all those keywords on just one page? - especially because these are tough keywords

I am asking this because from my other projects I have noticed google focusing just onto 1 max 2 keywords and ranking a site for them

2. Considering the link profile, many SEO's advise to use keyword synonims in anchor text - to make the link profile appear natural.

I have noticed Rand from seomoz hinting about this in one of his latest videos.

I'm not sure this is really true.

A good page on supplements will not get links from words like: diet adjutants or health pills, etc. Everybody will link to it saying supplements. Maybe great supplements, cheap, good... etc. But from my stats few people link using weird synonims.

3. Would I be terribly wrong assuming a natural link profile is one where you use:
- exact keyword - maybe 40 or even 60%; but really few variations, maybe just obvious ones (for the supplement keyword maybe use supps);
- website's url;
- website's brand name;
- click here stuff.

Ty guys!
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