Google will Slap Videos Next... the Orca Update Perhaps?

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Well, this post is going to generate some controversy. But at least some will agree with me. And credit for the thought spark goes to David & Peter's recent product...

I am posting it here because I believe it will happen and want to know your thoughts on this.

Google slapped the content which they think (or really is) low quality. The content that does not give any value to the internet user.

And in YouTube, you can see that there are a ton of useless videos which has no value in it - just some slides with music and the main purpose of this video is to redirect the user via an affiliate link. Such videos do get dislikes and engagement on such videos will suck.. no one will watch the entire video.

For Google/YT, it would be very easy to make out such videos from the really good ones.

Good info videos usually:
  • are Longer than 1 minute
  • Have a real voice in most cases
  • Viewers sit until the end of the show
  • Add to playlist, favorite, like and comment
  • Share them on social media

Those spammy videos can't get the above privileges.

Algorithmically, the difference is easy to make.

Also YouTube's voice recognition technology will help them the know what the videos are about and rank them better.

It is time that youtube pushed those animoto videos to the double digit pages and reward videos with some real info created by real people with a human voice.

It is coming soon. Has to. History repeats itself - ALWAYS.

What do you think?
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    This might come one day but right now one of those crappy animoto videos I made is ranked #10 organically on G for one of my KW after Panda, so go figure!
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    I think they should. Watching slide shows with crappy music isn't all that exciting.
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    Google slap Youtube! Would it be like when the slapped Chrome for 60 days? I wish my penalties only lasted 60 days. Despite what Matt Cutts will tell you, I don't see the day ever coming where Google search purposely goes after another Google product claiming quality guidelines.
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    Not gonna happen. Youtube is a share site and despite the fact that some people use it for seo and spamming affiliate offers that is a miniscule percent of the overall number of videos uploaded and shared.

    Besides, they've already declared war on the make money online/instant millions by clicking a mouse channels/videos.
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    You only need to worry if your blasting useless crap all over the place.

    Otherwise, have a coke and a donut.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    In reality these videos probably make up for FAR less than even half of a % of the videos on YouTube. So I don't think it's as big of an issue as some think.

    I could see how it would be fairly easy to implement though. But I'm not sure if it's really worth the effort?
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  • Profile picture of the author Jon Paella
    I think this is definitely a possibility. More and more people are using YouTube and Google surely doesn't want to see spammy stuff there. Why wouldn't they be concerned about the state of videos on YouTube if videos and YouTube are the future?

    Most people teach that you can blast any kind of links directly to YouTube videos because it's YouTube (High PR, etc.). But that may not be the case one day.
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