Help me identify what kind of penalty my site got?

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Hello guys,
I am trying to figure out what penalty hit my website.

My homepage was on 1st page of google (3rd place) for about 3 months.

It dropped suddenly and I've found my homepage on the 40th page. basically loosing 390 positions.

One of my site's categories is still ranking on page 6.

Is there an automatic penalty? is this penguin? (i'm not sure)

Maybe it's an automatic penalty?

The drop started around April 22-23 and it kept dropping until the 26th, remaining constant ever since.

Additional info:

For my niches, the sites which climbed do not vary their back links, using the same anchor over and over.

I'd say compared to them my site has 70% same anchor, 20% variations.

The variation is in simillar niches but quite differet (main keyword supplements - variations like diet pills, natural supps, vitamins, protein powders

My general feeling: analyzing other sites is that, contrary to what everybody says about the penguin, variation of anchor text actually makes it worse.
I think pages need to have 1,2 stable keywords for 80% of the links and URLS and click here, etc. for the rest.
I mean variation is ok but only with very related keywords, like in my case: supplement, supplements, adjective followed by supplemet (cheap, buy supplements).

I have seen a twitter page, youtube page and some poor quaility domains.
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