Where's all the traffic Google keyword tool promised??

by iamx
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Hey guys,

I ranked lastweek on the top 3 for my keyword which google said got 1900 local searches a month. Yet I'm only getting 1 click a day and yesterday I didnt get anything! On a good note they visited almost all my pages on my site so it did interest them to read more and more. If your wondering its an adsense site but I havent put any on the site yet. I'm just being extra careful not to piss off the google gods.

Is there anyway to ovoid this kinda thing from happening next time? I remember reading Google Slicer method I awhile ago. He spoke about running a PPC ad using my list of keywords and seeing which one got the most impressions. The ones with the most impressions would be the ones I target for my niche sites.

Does anyone know this method to be true??
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