Detailed analysis of what happened to my site from a wmaster who makes he's living from webmastering

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Guys, ty very much for the answers!
I was sure my post would get deleted since it was about an adult site but you proved me wrong, open minded people willing to help

After reading all your posts on this topic: my-website-fell-40th-page-because-its-over-optimized.html, which were allot (didn't expect anyone to answer) I did an analysis and I can safely say I have reached a conclusion.

Here is in detail my analysis on the competition:

Keyword: "mature cams"

My site:
Fell from 3rd place (after a couple of months of being there) to page nr.42
Content: 528 words;
Link profile - varied anchor texts

The competition:

1st position:
Unique backlinks to page: 112
This site remained stable to all google's updates including panda, penguin.
Content: 286 unique words
no keyword density issue

2nd postion:
Words: live, cams - density of 7,6%
Content: 169 words

3rd positoon:
MozRank: 37
Backlinks: 19
Content: 241 words;
Density: the words cams and mature 18% density!!
Link profile: the same anchor text for all backlinks

4th position:
This website is a whitelable - it meas its a clone of other sites repeated in google searches by the thousands - no unique content whatsoever - just different titles and description.
Backlinks: 9
Content: 914 words
No density issues

5th postion:
Backlinks: 2
This website is a whitelable - it meas its a clone of other sites repeated in
google searches by the thousands - no unique content whatsoever - just different titles and description;
No unique content;
No density issues;

I'm doing SEO for my sites for a few years now, I have over 60 sites and here are my two cents:

1. Really big sites remain immune to changes (if they don't over due spam).
Google kept during it's updates the big site on 1st page. It remained immune to everything.
This tells me a very big sites, lots of backlinks can be somewhat "immune" to changes; especially if he does not spam.

2. Unique content isn't really an OFFSITE issue:
After panda, penguin and other updates I am still seeing 2 sites in the first 6 with complete duplicate content. They are clones offered by affiliate programs which are repeated thousands of times over the internet - just different meta and description.

3. Page content quantity could be an issue, here is where my site could improve and instead of having 600 words maybe 1000 would have made it more stable. Though analyzing the competition my site had the most content.

4. Keyword density seems not to be an issue! WEIRD
How else could you explain a site having 18% keyword density for it's targeted keyword be on 3rd place?

5. Backlink diveristy seems not to be an iusse -FOR THIS NICHE
The sites have mainly one keyword in their link profiles, over 80%

Now the conclusion:

1. I think google judges sites comparing to related ones. So the SEO advices in a niche would not necessarily apply to another one. This explains the weird behavior in my niche when analyzing anchor texts and keyword density.

2. Google keeps 1,2,3 authority sites constantly and for the rest it changes them regularly. It's like he's letting everyone have a piece of the pie.
Maybe today a site gets updated, lots of links... google notices it and places it on 1st page. After two weeks, things slow down and the site gets the boot.
Like this site in question, over the years I have seen this pattern: 1st page for a few months, then it dissapears for another few months, coming back again.

My advice for webmasters: either have allot of sites or build a really big one, way better than the competition.

This site fell, but I have several ones which got back in serps and in spite of penguin, panda, my overall traffic raised having allot of sites.

I know this was a long post and I hope you have the time to read it because all the conclusions are backed up with real experience.

I really hope someone can come up with something better than me, cause I hate when I can't control things.

I hope you prove to me I'm stupid and tell me why my site fell

And google is doing just this IMHO, 2 sites remain the rest, Russian roulette.

Think about it, if the serps wouldn't change, google would become a directory.

Take care!
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