Anyone with a hundred page site that has long tail KWs getting a lot of traffic?

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Question in the title. ;D
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    anyone??? I'm sure everyone has 100 pages on their site (at least)

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    i have more than 3000 pages.
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      i have more than 3000 pages.
      and how are you doing on that?

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    I have about 500 articles: For me it's:

    - 1 keyword: almost no SEO traffic
    - 2 keywords: 25% of SEO traffic
    - 3 keywords: 10%
    - 4 keywords: 6%
    - more than 5 keywords: 13%

    We focus sometimes on 2 keywords queries so if you would blog without thinking about keywords it would be a bit lower. Also, there is one article that ranks really good on a 2 keyword query.
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    Good question. I have a site that has 30 articles and I am working to increase to 100 articles. I am hope to get traffic without back linking (which I hate to do and Google doesn't like anyway).

    However, from what I have read here in the forum (you almost have to read "between the lines"), that is probably not a really good strategy.

    Traffic from a 100 articles about long tail keywords/keyphrases sounds good and workable, but when I read all of the various posts, only 1 or 2 posters have had success with it.

    One poster has a hobby type of site and a lot of his viewers keep checking back for news and more information. He says that it is because of the number of articles, but I believe that viewers keep coming back because of the type of site it is.

    Another poster claimed success with a lot of articles, but then complained that his site(s) was hurt by bad back linking done by someone else.

    For people like me who have a solution to a problem type of site, I am really not sure that 100 longtail articles will really help with traffic. We are dependent on the search engines. If the search engines do not like the way we present our main pages or content, then what makes us think that they will like our long tail keyword/keyphrases articles?

    In thinking about it, it may be better to syndicate the 100 articles to other sites and hope that it leads to more traffic.
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