How many adsense site to get >$1000 a month?

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I have an Adsense site on the insurance niche. I get $0-$2 per day. Last month I get $22. How many adsense site I need to build to get $>1000 a month? Should I build 46 adsense site to achieve it ($22 x 46 = >$1000)?
Or there is easier way?
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    dear it would be very much difficult for you to get working and managing more site I would suggest you to work on 2,3 sites and focus on them just and try to get your desire goal from that sites.
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    Build your current site up, set a target for this month of $40
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    wow ,you can make a video to see
    i am a new bie
    how can do that?
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    @studentmedia: thank you for your reply. I think you're right, create articles is the most consuming time for me and I can't imagine if I must do it for 26 site. For my next site, do I need to create at similar niche or I go for other higher HPK niche?
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    @dmtaylor247: thanks for your reply. I try to increase my earnings, it's been growing slowly. First, I get pennies then $4, $9, $13 and $22 from last month. I think my adsense earning grow too slowly. I try to build backlink from article directories, any other suggestions?
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    @thaiminh76: well, at first I pick HPK niche then buy a EMD domain. I create website at wordpress platform, pick a simple theme and add articles on it. My site look simple, nothing fancy. I try to add backlink through article directories.
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    I search for other threads and find various ways to add backlink. There are blog comments, bookmarking ,forum post signature, directory submission, profile links, link wheels. Which one is the most effective?
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    Thanks for your offer dbwebhosting, I will see it
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    Dear You should not add more sites to your adsense account but you have to focus your one or two sites to increase your earning first you have to increase traffic on your site as you did not mentioned about the traffic of your site..
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      With the way Google has slowly pushed small niche sites down in ranking over the years, it seems the best model would probably to focus on building a large authority site in a good niche.

      By authority site, I mean a site with a bare minimum of 100 pages, preferably up to 200 or more.
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    micro niche sites are not necessarily being downgraded. Matt Cutts said that what normally happens with micro sites is that the owner tends not to spend time on them and so the quality is sucky!

    Go back to the basics..... build your sites for the user....

    In response to the OP's question.... I would start testing to see what performs better.

    Move your ad blocks around to see what converts better once you have found the best place for your ads then driving more traffic to your site should see an increase in adsense income.

    I moved a bannner from the right hand side of one of my sites to the left hand side and it turned the commissions from about £6 a day to over £20 a day so this was a good easy way to increase earnings....

    Also dont just rely on adsense there could be better paying CPA offers or even amazon or ebay could convert better.

    Good luck

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