Should I remove links from my sites?

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I figure that one of the main reasons sites hit by Penguin seems to be bad linking practice.
I outsourced some linking for my new Amazon Sites a few months ago and these sites have been affected.
How do I go about cleaning the sites up? Should you look at removing links and if so how would one go about this?
Any help would be appreciated.
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    Originally Posted by Moneyland View Post

    removing links and if so how would one go about this?
    Depends. What type of links are they?
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      Originally Posted by AnilK View Post

      Depends. What type of links are they?

      Bookmarks that were dipped over 2 months and PR/.Gov links that were dripped abot 20 in all
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    If there's been so many links, don't.

    And here are some suggestions:

    1) Get some "real" high pr links with generic anchor text for your site, in most cases this will help! But it all comes to the question as to how many and what types of links you've been building.

    2) Ask your contractor to build no more than 50% of links with targeted anchor text, which means to diversify your anchor text with "click here", "", "this site" etc.

    3) If possible, tell him/her to build more links from relevant sites in your niche, this plays a huge part in determining ranking since Penguin.

    Hope this helps,
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    Yes, You Should Remove Them ASAP!
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    Use open site explorer, ahrefs and wmt to find your links then contact the sites admin and ask if they will take them down. Plus you would do what Jet Chan says in above posts. That about all you can do short of getting a new domain and using a 301 redirect from your old domain.
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    Its not so easy to remove badlinks.You can try Jet Chan's suggestions.If you got message from google then it'll be much better to go ahead with new domain.Or if your sites are not indexing then keep building links and your sites will be back soon.
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      It is not necessary that you should have to remove your website's link. Firstly you should have to analysis you website and check that it is over optimize or not. After then check you back link if you find that some are the bad and useless link activate on your website like many links coming same website and some some link are 0 page rank, unrelevant link. Then you can remove such types links.
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    many of my sites too suffered due to spammed links which i found now impossible to remove, i think it would be better to build new sites with quality links rather to waste time to find these spammed links and remove them.
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