I want to start earn with adsense. Which course it the best for begginers?

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Hi Warriors!
Hi want to start earn money with Adsense, can you recommend for me for a good course?

I saw few course but i dont know if they still works in 2012.
I saw $100k Adsense Blueprint and Extreme Niche Empires.
How is this coureses? Are they works?

Can you recommend for me for a good Adsense course?

Thank you Warriors!
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    I would recommend to make a simple blog with wordpress and make 15-20 quality post and drive traffic thru forums and social bookmarking !
    that would be good for starting
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    You should focus on creating 1 site that your proud of and making it as big as you can. Money should come last. If you keep building 1 site it will become an authority. Just find that one site you have passion in and make it work.

    Or you can try what nichepursuits.com he has all the info for free on his blog but he was also banned by adsense.

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    WTF you two guys saying? Read the OP carefully... Sheesshh...

    Anyway OP, I haven't bought any of those course. But, I can wholeheartedly recommend Fat Cat Blueprint. I still find it relevant even after the updates.
    Success with your venture.

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    $100k Adsense Blueprint is a great course for beginners but can be overwhelming, if you don't suffer from information overload then use it big time. Its your ticket to stardom..
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      Hey Nivatis120!

      DON'T....I repeat, DON'T spend any money on courses. I'm sure the sharks would like to feed on a beginner like you, but spending money to get started making money with Adsense is just not necessary.

      It takes some time and patience, but you cant do it without spending money.

      My best advice to you is to do some basic research and learn by doing. Get started today! Work on it an hour a day, every day, and you will have something to show for your hard work in about a month.

      I don't have enough posts on this forum to post links just yet, so I suggest you look up the following blogs:

      • Niche Pursuits
      • Adsense Flippers
      • Make Money on the Internet
      • Online Income Lab
      Those blogs have more than enough information to get you started and keep you learning for at least the next 2 months. You won't have to spend a single dollar (except maybe for your hosting account and domain registration).

      Your consistency will equal your success! Don't buy into any guru garbage!

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    Bear in mind a lot of these guys have had their AdSense account closed recently - so they may not be the best examples to follow.
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    In fact, I don't like these courses, it not worthwhile.
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    i would also recommend you don't waste money on courses. the same information is available online for free via ebooks and make money blogs..

    don't let people make money out of you trying to make money..

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    Massive amount of free stuff is available online. Google training centre is best to start with.
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    My recommendation to you is to forget about adsense, [GET] Rapid Profit Formula by Matt Carter.....

    This is a great guide (maybe not that great for N00BS) for how you can actually make money online by click bank/amazon.....

    I literally wish I have found this guide before starting my SEO journey.....

    Just bear in mind it takes time and a ton of work, if you aren't prepare to approach it in that matter forget about online making money this way......

    All The Best
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    double post (my internet sucks)
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    you might want to check out pat flynn's niche site duel, u can learn a lot from there and dont even need to pay for a course (i bought quite a number of adsense courses...pat flynn's free case study is that good). I think Pat is going to launch an adsense course base on that case study, but with recent google algo change so he delayed the lauch, could be something worth waiting and just use niche site duel atm to get started. hope that helps, good luck
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