When Forum Posting, Is Your Signature Dynamic?

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I hear about people talking all the time about posting on forums in order to wrack up a bunch of backlinks that are in-context and related to your industry. I've decided to give it a go and was wondering about whether signature links are dynamic or not on most VB forums. That is, if I was on an automotive forum changed:

I'm an engineering jobs recruiter who loves Nascar.


I'm a Michigan engineering jobs rectruiter who loves Nascar

...then would all the older posts that I made with the older signature update to the newer sig or would they be stuck in stone? I hope it's the latter because then I could just change the signature every couple of days when I'm promoting a different state with different signature anchor text.
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    What about your results now?
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      Well...I would think that it was dynamic because I tried it in a few different posts and it changes so it seemed to be working that way, but my sig appears below this message now that it's activated, but it doesn't show under my first message at the top at all.
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    The older posts would update to the new signature
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    Forum signature helps on link building, but I'm not understanding how you make dynamic, do you keep changing your signature frequently if so then it may not work..

    just put your link in signature with anchor text, post continuously in some active forums, it would help.
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    It depends upon the forum rules, some of the sites will update your old posts signatures by new or edited signatures.
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    Your sig will update for all previous posts.

    I won't bore you with my opinion on forum sig links for seo.

    But whilst on the topic of forum links.

    I suggest you read this: http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...339-month.html

    Read it a couple days ago.
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