Drop my niche site for a blog?

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Hello, I'm wondering right now if it would be a good idea to drop my niche site that I have (Sig) for a blog.

Since I can't repay for my domain AND I haven't made sales in over a year, I would just make a blog or post at one of the sites with a high PR and nice traffic/BL and post it there for free.

I would have adsense set up on the blog bringing me a little bit more of traffic. I would also target my keywords carefully to find something without much competition, high PPC, and moderate- high traffic (if possible) to obtain page one on google (Hopefully haha)

One reason I want to do this is because I made the site a year ago and I f***ked up because I was a newbie and chose a niche that is to hard to compete in (It really is and I chose at random of course) and my domain name is s*it haha.

Now I know the 'basics' of IM because of market samurai.

My guide is very high quality and I could just copy and paste it to the blog (Pictures included).

Any help would be great!
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    I'm not entirely sure I understand the beginning of your question.

    The best thing you can do is to create a few different websites. The more niche websites that you create, the more potential for success you will have. What you have created is not a traditional niche website. It's a squeeze page that's selling an eBook. No offense, but you will need to write better sales copy and constantly split test it to see what works. You will also need to do better market research to find out if people are even looking for the information you are selling.

    The most important aspect of SEO and niche websites is keyword research. You literally will end up spending days doing keyword research to find markets that have low competition and enough traffic volume to make it worth your while.

    My suggestion is to spend a day or two learning everything you can about keyword research and the reasoning behind the methodology. Choosing the correct keyword and domain combination is literally 60% of the battle.
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    You can always add a blog section to your niche website
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    Yeah indeed, add a blog to the site!
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    Adding a blog would be better. Go with WordPress.com — Get a Free Blog Here
    I used wordpress to start a blog a week ago and I am already ranked
    on the first page of Google for the keywords I wanted to target with
    the blog. Blessings!!!
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    Blogs are good but I've made more sales with original articles. 90% of people on the internet just want info & the other 10% might be willing to pay to join your opportunity if they are interested in it.
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