Anchor Text Suggestions For Those Still Scratching Their Heads

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Example: I own a website called and want to rank for widgets

1. Building click here,, my website anchors probably aren't going to help people coming out of the penalty faster. So as long as you are building links you probably should go for a variation of your keyword like blue widgets, red widgets, green widgets, buy widgets. That way when the penalty is released on the next Penguin filter update your site ranks for your main keyword and several others.

2. Chances are for most competitive terms you are still going to need HPBL and blog posts from a network. Try get links from many smaller networks and don't leverage one too hard. Also take a look at their sales copy and see how the network was set up. What is the OBL? Are they selling sidebar links too? These links will probably be a smaller portion of your portfolio than they were in the past, but the fact is they still work.

3. Profile links, blog comment links still work great in your second tier. Heck they probably still work just fine if you are varying your anchor text in your first Tier provided that you don't have a lot of links dying causing an anti-link velocity penalty similar to what is seen when a network like BMR is deindexed.

3. Sometimes you can work yourself out of the Penguin by 301 redirecting your site to a new domain. Yes, I know this is not an option for everyone and sometimes it does pass the penalty through. Generally redirect to an aged non-penalized domain, PR of this domain does not matter.

4. Web 2.0 properties still work, what most people are failing to do is get them indexed. It is almost laughable how many properties are created and do not get indexed. The only way we've found to get these indexed at a high rate when using spun content is NLI + Linklicious + Lindexed + Web 2.0 blasts + Profiles + Blog Comments. Also consider saving all of your account login information for these accounts.

5. Remember not every link you build shows up in MajesticSEO so if you are reviewing your link profile, remember you probably have a higher percentage of your main anchor text than you think. In general, a good way to counter this is to run article blasts, web 2.0s, blog posts, social bookmarks, wiki links etc In most cases, you can just go to Google Keyword Tool and come up with a good links.
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    Thanks for the great post.

    One quick method to get related, but relevant keyword variations would be to use Google itself.

    Just go to Google and search for your keyword. Scroll down to the bottom of the search results and you can see a section called : Searches related to "Your keyword"

    Say, for the keyword "dog training tips" it gives the following related search items :

    free dog training tips
    dog leash training tips
    basic dog training tips
    dog whisperer
    dog training tips recall
    dog potty training tips
    dog training tips for walking
    dog training tips pulling

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    use variations in your anchor text, for an example if you want to rank for the term "blue widgets", you could use the following variations

    where to find blue widgets
    best place to find blue widgets
    are blue widgets any better
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