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Hello all,

I'm currently running various ad campaigns to my clickbank products. Does anyone know of any strategies to get free traffic also just to test things out?

Thanks in advance!

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    Article writing, marketing and syndication to high
    page rank websites and blogs.
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    Yahoo answers, Facebook, there are so many out there
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    Hi Jerry,

    Originally Posted by JerryFrempong View Post

    I'm currently running various ad campaigns to my clickbank products.
    It's very unlikely indeed that direct linking from an ad to a ClickBank sales page will ever sell more than the very occasional, semi-random product, and you'd be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage to all your competitors whose sales process comprises so much more than this: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post5210243

    Originally Posted by JerryFrempong View Post

    Does anyone know of any strategies to get free traffic also just to test things out?
    It's important, when "testing things out", to test them out on the same sort of traffic which you'll subsequently use for more than testing them out - otherwise you're altering one of the key variables between your testing and your real business.

    The classic mistakes people make in this regard are things like doing a quick PPC campaign "to see if the sales page converts" and then basing a decision on whether to build a website to which to attract article marketing traffic in the niche according to the result of that "test" (not too logical, of course, because some of the ones that convert various kinds free traffic very well may not convert search engine derived traffic at all!), and this kind of thing.

    For free traffic sources, these threads may help/interest you ...


    Those are just the ones from the last couple of weeks.
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    Try to offer free stuffs for free traffic.

    e.g. Free eBooks, Free Instructional Videos, Free Digital Products, etc.
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    some great suggestions here, you need to open you mind to what it is you are looking for and do some surfing.
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    There is a wealth of info in the articles section of this site!

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      Forum links will give you immediate traffic that is targeted. Article marketing gives you great quality backlinks and if you're writing quality articles, if someone posts it on their website, your traffic could quadruple.
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    For free traffic tried and true methods; youtube, article marketing, social bookmarking, forum links, Web2.0 properties, RSS feeds etc.

    BUT as Alexa says, direct linking to an offer is not likely to pull in the results as sending someone to a review page. And at some sites such as EZA it is not allowed, you would have to do a redirect.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Most of what was already mentioned above is good as well as twitter marketing and the obvious ranking in google.
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    I have 3 free options that I have used with success:
    1. Write article and submit on ezine articles and goarticles. Firstly you want to write your articles in an informative way but in shorter paragraphs so that its easy to read and skim through it.

    Write like the newspapers, interesting information right at the top so to keep the interest of the reader. Publishers will find your article easy to read and you stand a better chance for them to pick up your article.

    2. Also with publishing articles but this time offer them in bulletin summary: example 10 proven ways to lose weight; 5 foods to eat to cure backache. These types of articles are catchy and straight to the point and definetly grab attention.

    3. This involves Youtube videos. You want to find longtail keywords and create your video using those keywords. You can use Wordtracker.com for it gives keywords searched per day. You want to aim at keywords with between 30 - 60 searches per day. Have 20 short videos for these keywords and you have good traffic there.
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      You can either pay for traffic to get it quickly (PPC)

      or build articles, and submit to articles, write them yourself and submit them, which might take time, but is worth it for natural traffic.

      even putting up a blog with articles can bring in some good organic traffic.
      Joint venture With Me in the
      CREDIT REPAIR Niche or the...

      (Private Message me)
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    I don’t know if the free methods are working. After the Penguin update everything changed very much online.

    I tend to agree with Alexa Smith’s observations, even though I’m not an expert like her. So, I don’t know if this is really true, but it seems to be right.

    Getting traffic today is a mystery. I remember the nice days when a few articles at EZA were enough to send a lot of traffic to everyone’s websites.

    How did we arrive to the point we are now? Is Google going to play with us all the time with these updates?

    I’m lost in the zoo. The 'Panda' was very good for my sites because my content is original and I write everyday, but the 'Penguin' froze my heart.

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    Today's best traffic source is pinterest.com

    Create account pin pictures and follow people and much more to get targeted traffic from pinterest.com.


    Bulk Moz Checker Tool moz checker

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    a good start to help you get the ball rolling are:

    1. link bait (submit some awesome content and generate links back on auto-pilot)

    2. blog comments (you wont always get massive traffic but it all helps plus it builds you some links

    3. guest post (very powerful if done right)

    4. upload a new piece of content every day to your blog (this is totally under estimated. if you post regular you will no doubt start to attract plenty of free traffic, but as long as the basic set up is done right on your blog, on site seo, keywords etc

    5. videos

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    I feel a few methods are quite effective as forrum marketing, social marketing, article marketing.
    and 3 are also applied this method, create the link between the 3 methods.
    hope these suggestions will help you!
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    The best way to get free traffic is of course Google. But that needs some time at the beginning.

    On the other hand you can get instant free traffic from website like facebook, youtube, yahoo answer and forums.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    Hi dear, greetings of the day

    Useful tips for traffic

    Bookmarking, Article Submissions, Blog posting, SMO are the best way for get traffic on your website,
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    Free promotion is always welcome, so don't neglect it. There are many ways to promote your site for free and some of the most popular ones include free classified ads, submissions to directories, inclusion in various listings, etc. It is true that not all free ways to promote your site work well but if you select the right places to promote your site for free, this can also result in tons of traffic.
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    Blog and forum marketing are one of the best ones I use. Second is social marketing which just brings in the traffic even without heavy help from Google. Promote your link to where people are and you are guaranteed results. Its also better to do daily promotions than one big effort all at once.

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    Video marketing, JV marketing, forum marketing and guest blogging can be the best free methods of traffic. though you will need to learn how they works.
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    There are many ways such article marketing, blog posting, seo, social bookmarking, social networking etc.
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    I am wondering if Facebook copy & paste marketing is even worth the effort. It seems that no matter the group I post in the FB groups are saturated with people that want to pimp their product. I could see it as a good place to get some site traffic but what is the best option for trying to find affiliates and build a team?
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    You can get lots of free traffic for social media.

    I would also recommend trying to buy a Google Adwords voucher (you can usually get one for $100 for $5 on fiverr) on then you can run basically $100 of free ads and get free targeted traffic to your site.
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    You can use Facebook and Pinterest to drive traffic too.
    Viral Marketing is great if your content inspires, educates or entertains people.
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    The 2 free methods I use most are article marketing & forum marketing. However I use paid traffic methods way more than free. It’s much easier to see faster results! As for paid methods, I usually use solo ads & PPC
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    There is no such thing as free traffic. Some methods are apparently free, but they take most of your time and delay you from achieveing your goals. I'd say the best traffic generation methods are those that takes least of time and let you do much more important things like writing great content, creating top-quality products and building relationship with your audience. Even if you are not paying a cent for your traffic, you still have to eat, drink, dress and pay your bills and that costs money and prevents you from making it, so you keep sitting on a negative balance. Sometimes it's best to pay money to start making it.
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    In my opinion, there's no "free traffic". To get any kind of traffic, you need to make an investment - time, money, energy. You gotta give before you get. Also, if you do stumble across a source of free traffic, it will invariably be useless.
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    You can get free traffic by marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. You can do video marketing, you can do an seo campaign for your blog or website.

    But probably the simplest way to get free traffic is to simply do forum marketing. Just find a forum related to your niche. Then put a description and link back to your website or landing page in your signature. Then simply interact with the forum....answer peoples questions, give advice and help people out. Also make sure to put up a picture/avatar for your profile.

    To make this even more effective you can build a squeeze page for your niche and link to that in your signature.

    You can see how I'm doing this effectively in my signature below which goes to a squeeze page and gives a way a free course on how to use the Warrior Forum to make money online. Simple but effective.
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    facebook, pinterest and other social media networks are best for getting high traffic to your blog..! other than that for seo you need to target high traffic forums, and communities in your niche..!
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    Building your very own targetted list of subscribers and emailing
    your affiliate offers is the best proven free traffic strategy done
    by successful IMers..
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      SEO to gain high SERP in google is the most ultimate way in my opinion.
      Once it's settle, you'll get free traffic everyday.
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    I just came across another thread.

    He teaches you to spam on Yahoo for free traffic. That's sucks.
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    You need to target your strategy
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    Youtube works the best in my opinion. Of course you need videos that help the viewer in some way and "guide" them through your site where you offer additional value and information.
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    Article submission, forum posting and having a powerful network on social networking sites can help you to sell your affiliate products more.

    I love warriorforum. Computer Tutorials

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    The best way for instant traffic is start a Pay Per Click campaign on any of the search engines. Google will drive the most traffic by far and the quality of traffic is good if ads are optimized right.
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    High quality article marketing and Social media marketing always work to get free traffic.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    Article Marketing, Guest Posting, High PR Blog Commenting, Forum Posting are the best ways to get free traffic.Social media is also important to get free traffic.
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    Youtube is still my number 1 source of highly targeted and converting traffic.
    Twitter drives a lot of traffic, but 0 sales.
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    I don't know where do i get exactly get traffic.maybe it's all SEO.
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    facebook is still a good option to try out
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