Using just the brand names to interlink 5 used car sites, good strategy or not?

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Hey there,
I have 5 used car sites, each dedicated to 1 brand name.

I did 5 sites in the past instead of 1 for links - I know, stupid.

Since penguin and other stuff, I have also matured and understood I had to make sites for users and not SEO.

Now I have my sites interlinked using only the brand names in a list:

I chose not to use my money keywords because it would look spammy:
BMW Used Cars
WV Used Cars

The questions are:
1. SEOwize, how much do I loose not having the money keywords in this links?
2. Will using just the brand name (very general term) confuse google about the page?

Thank you
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    Bump... Still looking for ideas...
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    It won't be spammy if you keep your keyword to a low percentage of the backlinks. Also, you can mix it up with the links: BMW, used BMWs, used BMW cars, BMW cars, used cars, etc. If anything, having only the brand name linking back would appear artificial.
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    Diversity in your KW's and don't 'overoptimise' by putting too many links or using only one kw etc.

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