can 2 exact match domains appear on first page?

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So I've done some research on a new niche which looks feasible, .org is available, but a very basic generic looking website (.net) appears at the bottom of the first page. I know a bit about this niche and am interested in it, and the site I have planned will have bucket loads of info, so I would ideally need to drop this guy off the first page to have a chance at ranking well?
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    The question your asking isn't very clear.

    The existence of another EMD in the top 10 results doesn't have anything to do with weather or not you can rank for the keyword.

    If the other site is of the niche site variety, it could indicate that you have a good chance of ranking within the top 10.

    But, generally, you need to do a competitive analysis of all the results on the first page for a given search term to determine your chances of ranking. The existence of another EMD bears no weight on its own.
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    There is no reason that two EMDs cannot come on the first page. If you can build more popularity by gaining the faith of your visitors in your site then you definitely can overtake your competitors in search engine ranking. Its all about the popularity, contents and the backlinks of a site that matters and not just the name.
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    EMD - don't do it for google like they were even 6 months ago

    I have some old ones and new ones and they new ones definitely take some hard work to get them up there

    Where as even 6 months ago I could buy one - add some article and it would be automatic top 3-4 in days (and stay there)
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    There can be 4 exact match domains on the first page. Thats not the only factor. Content, on-page seo, relevancy, backlink profile, domain age and a ton of other ranking factors are at play. I use SEO moz, because it gives you the domain/page authority for your competitors, along with a detailed look at how well their site is optimized. Once you start looking at ranking factors from that point of view, you will have a clear picture on why EMDs aren't that important.
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    Yes, it can..

    .com, .net, .org, and .info possible in first page.

    Defend on the competition of course.
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