My first Adwords campaign sitting on 0 impressions

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Hi I started a campaign in Adwords so I can test a landing page quickly, and have a few questions for any experienced people.

After 24 hours of being active I have zero impressions on any of my ads (image ads). Does this mean my keywords are getting no searches, or that I'm being outbid for all of them? Is there any way to start getting impressions by adding more keywords or increasing my bid amount? Many of my keywords are eligible to display at the current bid, but no impressions. Should I just switch to text ads? I really want to actually get clicks so I can test my landing page.

Also, is the quality score an active algorithm that determines how relevant a keyword is to your ad's content? It seems incredibly inaccurate and meaningless to me, and seems to have randomly decided certain phrases I'm eligible to bid on are not allowed when using the plural form or some other small change... Is this just the way it is?

Thanks for any advice
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    All image ads will be manually reviewed. This can take some time depending on how far back in line you are. Give it five business days. Once the ads are approved, you'll see impressions and probably more in the first day or two than you will after that. Just the system figuring out your ads' quality which, by the way, won't show on keywords if you are using the display network. The equivalent is relative CTR shown at the campaign level. Learn more in my Adwords FAQ, especially your QS questions too long to explain here.
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    Thanks for the link. The image ads have already been approved, and I expected to experience what you say - heaps of impressions very fast. Instead I see zero impressions and it's been more than a day since my ads were approved. Does anybody know what the most likely reason is? According to my QS score and bid range it says I am "eligible" for about 60 keyword phrases (out of over 1000 I entered), many of them with very high search rates...
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    I highly recommend you set up a Microsoft advertising account ( and test all of your campaigns/keywords with them. They also have excellent support for people just getting started with purchasing PPC as 90% of their accounts are individuals paying under $50 a month.

    After you get a successful campaign going with them as they typically are extremely cheaper per click I would migrate that campaign over to adwords. And you should expect the same results as far as click through rate if not better.
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    Your best bet is to shoot an e-mail to Adwords support. It's a long weekend so it will take a couple of days.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that is that your bids are too low. This is a common reason for ads not showing.

    Next what is your quality score for the remaining keywords? If it is low, 2-4, you will have to bid higher than advertisers with good quality scores. Your quality score is mainly based on the relevance of your keywords and landing page. Not so much your ad copy.

    For image ads you have to beat out the combined CPC of all the text ads that would have been in that same block of space. So an image ad must bid 4x higher than 1 text ad to show on sites that allow both types of ads.
    Next check your targeting settings. Did you narrow down geographic location, time of day, anything like that? The more you narrow the less your ads have a chance to show.

    Lastly your keywords may say Eligible on the service, but hoover over the speech bubble next to the keyword. It sometimes says eligible even though there is a problem like waiting for review. When you hoover it will say whether your ad is showing or not. Your ad is obviously not showing or it would have impressions, so what does it say? Let us know.
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    Yes.. just contact the Adwords Representative and discuss about your campaign. They are expert and really responsive to help the advertisers.

    Also, you could ask them to create a campaign for you, and you can learn from the campaign they made for you. In this way, you'll understand Adwords in short time.
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    Just because it is set to active, doesn't mean it has been approved. That could still take a week or so.
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