Does Black-hat Still Work After Google Penguin?

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Do any black-hat techniques still work after Google's penguin update? If so, which black-hat techniques have you been having success with?
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    Most methods used by people round here would be considered blackhat. Blackhat isn't some sort of voodoo, it just means breaking Google's TOS to manipulate the rankings. Sure, there are lots of ways still to do that, it's just getting harder. I would go and consult a proper BH forum though, if you really want to look for voodoo, though I think you will be disappointed.

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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    Of course black hat still works. Technically everyone here is doing black hat. But as Mark said, if you really want to get into black hat, then you need to be surfing some good black hat forums, not here

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    Lol, dude you should be on the BH forum. WF generally keeps it whiter than white apart from allowing rehashed garbage in the WSO fourm.

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    Slippery slope my friend. Seems like sooner or later your gains will be crushed by google updates.

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    Yes it does in fact still work
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    Black hatting and expecting to get a check from G is getting harder and harder. Wouldn't you rather do something that is legitimate and countless thousands of people on here do every day and we know all works? Instead of trying to chase down the latest fad or glitch?

    If you build it, they will come. If you write it, they will read it. If it's good, well, they will tweet it, like it, share it, stumble it, pin it, post it, copy it, click it, buy it, question it, digg it and comment on it. Let's write useful, meaningful content on our sites and clean the internet up :)

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    What the recent algorithm updates point out is that anything other than writing a unique post is black hat, so we're all in a bit of a state. Wonder how that will play out long term?

    There are still things that work, but I'd expect that it's just a case of time before the linking signature is detected and all your rank building efforts will be discounted.

    Martin Platt

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    Black hat techniques are just loopholes into taking shortcuts into ranking your websites faster than normal, using deceptive methods.

    There will always be deceptive ways into ranking your websites, these will change and evolve as the search engines do.

    The problem with black hat methods is that they often do not last, or end up getting you penalized.

    Black hat SEO is a very short-term fix to something which should really be done correctly from the start.

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    Which type of link building do you think is not black hat. I thought it was all blacckkkkk.
    Yet it works if you make that black transparent to google. Panda and penguin have however sharpened google's eyes and increased opacity of the object called SEO.
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      I find it funny how people are saying no black hat. What you want me to write a 100 articles and hand make each account. Then there are people saying no blackhat and they have Seo banners in their sigs

      So since no one has any useful information here you go.

      Automated tools like senuke and scrapebox still work
      Article spinning is almost dead but still work if you know your ****
      Blog networks still alive and kicking
      Blog comments are mint
      Directories ok but be earful
      Use automated tools to post to hand selected properties and don't submits to ****
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    Works better than white hat =P

    The thing is black hat stuff takes a strong technical knowledge to properly cover your track and a really good understanding of SEO. Hence it is not something most people excel at
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    That's just a silly question.
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    Silly question
    You aware brah? PM me if aware. 17 year old affiliate marketer checking in. Always down to meet new people.
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    Well, blackhat is a subjective term. Any type of linkbuilding made with the intention of alter the rankings is technically blackhat.
    And yes, it has worked for many years, it's working right now and for sure it'll work for many years. Blackhat is not only spamming nor link building.
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    Grey is best for fastest results with long term staying power
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    Sure some black hat techniques work, for now, but any manipulative methods will eventually fall foul of algo updates. You can only swim upstream for so long.

    Blog networks may be 'alive and kicking', but only like a fly that's been hit with flyspray...

    Automation = short term gain, long term pain.

    Any way, black hat is just a fancy word for SPAM.
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      Originally Posted by BrightSpark SEO View Post

      Any way, black hat is just a fancy word for SPAM.
      or even two words...

      Just had to beat the pedants to that one. :p
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    What we consider to be "white hat" is not considered 'white hat' by Google. Google lives in an ideal world which exists only in its fancies. Very few sites can gain SERP by following their guidelines.

    Black Hat will always be one step ahead but what works best is Grey Hat where webmasters follow Google guidlines but still try to gain ahead of the pack by using borderline techniques that are neither allowed but neither forbidden explicitly. As suggested by others avoid black hat techniques because they only provide short term benefit.
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    Google pretty much forces you to work on the edge or slightly outside of their guidelines. If you just followed their SEO guide then you would be lucky to get on page 3 or 4. And you'd find most of the page one listings with all sorts of tricks going on behind the scene.
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    You can't get ahead by doing Google's version of pure white hat.

    I use off-white hat.

    Black hat only works temporarily.
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    BH techniques still work but it takes more work than it might have done a couple years ago. At the same time, many techniques have been almost completely obliterated, e.g. SB blasts, AMR blasts, forum profiles, auto spinning to name a few.
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    I dont know alot about Black Hat SEO Technique, but I Think Black Hat is still work. But You must do it if you sure that you know alot about it. If you are not you will suicide yourself. CMIIW
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