Earned my first $2 online. Need Help From Adsense Pros.

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So I made my first wordpress blog website 2 years ago and put some generic re-written content on it and slapped adsense on the lower right side column and nothing else. I've pretty much forgotten about this site since I picked a bad domain name. I found the keyword I wanted to rank for and added the word "place" to it if that tells you anything. I logged into my cpanel and noticed that this site is getting about 200 visitors per month. How? I have no freakin idea. So, I figured I'd check my adsense account just for the heck of it. And low and behold- It said I've earned $2.83. Holy freakin Crap! I know its not much but still! This adsense crap is possible even on a stupid domain name site like the first one I made.

I have a few other sites I made about a year ago that have very little content and are getting more visitors than this but I never put adsense on them because I thought it was pointless. Now I know its possible!

SO, to you adsense experts, would you suggest a certain theme to use and placement and type of adsense to use thats worked for you. Is a premium adsense theme worth the money invested? Do you need any special plugins? How do you get the ads in the middle of your content? I hear those have better ctr's. Where are the best places to put your ads for high ctr? Oh, and how good is your content? If your just going for adsense clicks do you put up a $20 article or do you still get good results with a $2.50 article?
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    You don't really need a premium theme. I would suggest working with a few free themes first and then purchase the premium theme when you will have an idea of what they will even offer to you.

    Clean themes are good.

    If you know a bit of html and css, you can pretty much make free themes look however you want.

    You get ads into the middle of your content with this css.

    <div style="float:right;>

    You can float it right or to the left. Place the code on top of the block of text that you want wrapped around it.
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      Thanks. Yea I suck at css and html. I've done a little but only while watching a step by step video. I just found "clicker theme" and it seems good especially for only like $17 bucks or so. I'm not sure if I should just stick with adsense tho... I'm also considering amazon affiliate income and if I go with that as well would using an adsense theme take away the potential from amazon income? Or am I just over thinking this...
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    Search google for "free wordpress themes". There are so many just like that.

    If you don't know how to add the adsense code in, here's one tip.
    In the wordpress panel > appearance > editor,
    Go to page.php

    Find a line of code with this in it --> <?php the_content

    You can paste your adsense code right above that. Or your can paste the
    <div style="float:right;>

    code above it to have the ads wrapped in the first paragraph.

    Same goes for the single.php. The page.php will add it for each wordpress page. The single.php will add it for each post.
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    There are plugins to get your ads inside your posts, Easy Adsense Lite is a good one, it makes it really easy.

    Try out Amazon too, it can't hurt. Just try not to overwhelm the page with advertising. Keep tweaking things with different ad combinations to figure out the best way to monetize. Another piece of advice would be to make tweaks with the ads but leave them there for at least a week or so before switching up and trying other combos/layouts, this way you have a good amount of usable data to compare.
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