What's the proper Web 2.0 blog strategy?

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I'd appreciate some advice from those who have successfully used web 2.0 blogs for backlinks to their money site.
I'm speaking about platforms like

Not sure about the proper way to use them. Am I supposed to...

**Write random posts and periodically insert random links to other (not my) websites?
and then
Occasionally write a post about my niche and include a link to my money site


**is the whole blog supposed to primarily focus on my niche with occasional links pointing back to my money site?
occasional posts about other things with links pointing to other sites?

**Should these blogs be updated with a new post monthly, weekly?

**does the name of the blog and the url of the blog need to have my keywords in it? such as keyword.wordpress.com or does it not matter?

any other tips for getting the most out of these blogs?

Thanks in advance
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      Originally Posted by MikeWike View Post

      Register new account to web2.0 -> add article -> 1-2 outgoing links to your site/inner pages -> backlink this web2.0 with tier 2, tier 3 backlinks.

      Do the same thing again and again.. It's nice if you have unique content for every web2.0, but it's still ok if you use 1 article for 15-20 web2.0s.
      2nd that! It's a big part of my SEO strategy and works like a charm...
      for example: web 2.0 <= article submission <= blog comments and forum profiles. And don't forget to social bookmark the whole thing!

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        I agree, do not forget to bookmark 2nd and 3rd tier site backlinks to increase your visibility...my question however is it ok to utilize automation software for this purpose? I wonder?
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          Originally Posted by Lakbay View Post

          I agree, do not forget to bookmark 2nd and 3rd tier site backlinks to increase your visibility...my question however is it ok to utilize automation software for this purpose? I wonder?
          You from the Philippines? I was just there last month. It changed MY LIFE forever!!! Makes me want to work hard as hell so I can help my family in the Philippines.

          RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    Pick one of the blog services you have mentioned. Blogger and Wordpress are the best( Blogger is better for SEO, but Wordpress makes your site look more proffesional ).

    Choose one niche and focus on it. Update your blog 1-2 times per week, and monentize it by putting ads in it.

    Putting the main keyword in the link will significantly improve your SEO and boost you on Google.
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    Web 2.0 properties have two purposes. Ranking and links. First for ranking. If when you do a search for a long tail keyword and a web 2.0 property shows up in the search results, then that means that there is little to no competition for that keyword and it will be easy for you to also build a web 2.0 property and also get ranked for that keyword. Second for links. There are a lot of tools that allow you to research the backlinks of your competitors. If during this research, you find that your competitors have web 2.0 properties in their backlink profile, then you should too. These are some of the easiest links to go after and most can be gotten in a few hours of work… or less if you outsource it!
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    Here's a thread that I started a couple weeks ago. Really good information from everyone!


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    Just create blogs in each web2.0 website. Then create a link to your money website (using the keyword you want to rank for!) from this newly created web2.0 blog... The next thing to do is to build as many backlinks as you can to the web2.0 blog... Continue doing this until you see any improvement for your money website (remember that this could NOT happen earlier than a week at least!)

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