Post Panda and Penguin - what works for you?

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Since the onslaught of the recent updates what do WF members use to increase traffic and PR? We are currently working hard at:

- creating great content on our blog
- Google+ and Twitter
- inbound links

What other strategies are members using?

Thanks in advance for contributing.
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  • Automation for sure. The weirdest things will work for me. I can make money every time I send out a tweet.

    Really though search traffic sucks. There are better ways to get traffic.

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      1. Diversifying your backlinks. A lot of people have found success with only using one type of of backlink such as article directories but this is simply no longer effective. You should aim to get links from social media sites, social bookmarks, wiki sites, video sharing sites and blog comments. Article directories can still be effective if used in the right way. It is no longer advisable to blast your article to hundreds or thousands of directories. You should select around 30 of the best high pr directories and submit your article to those.

      2. Good content is essential now.You should write your content for human beings not for search engine spiders. Quality content means not just proper spelling and grammar but engaging the audience with interesting and unique insight.

      3. Don't over optimize, this is a real staple of the Penguin update and a main reason why so many sites have been punished in the search results. Over optimization means stuffing the keywords, you want to rank for in every available place on your site including the title tags, meta description, h1 tags and multiple times in the content. This is something that must be avoided from now on.
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    non google methods, like facebook and email lists are working ok for me
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    Let me tell you what really work.

    Create backlinks from diversified platforms including but not limited to;

    Web 2.0 properties
    Article Directories
    Blog commenting (Low OBL)
    Forum Profiles
    Signature Links
    Themed Links
    Guest posting (Optional but recommended)

    I am not throwing specific numbers on how many you would need links from above platforms as it depends on the competition of your keywords.

    Provided you are targeting medium competitive keywords, you should create 50-100 2.0s with 3-5 pages on each of them with videos and images and of course unique content.

    Once you are done with all above backlinks now make backlinks from private blog networks

    Yes, you are heard me right. Point is to mask your blog network links. 1 high PR homepage blog network link is worth 100's of 2.0 links.

    But use Blog networks sparingly - don't over do it.

    And yes, be sure to diversify your anchor. At least use 5-8 anchors.

    Then come and thank me!
    Money is a symbol of confidence in ourselves!
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    Take this from me . I mean this is what have worked for me .

    I have not done any backlinkings since the last update . I have only updated my site with fresh contents and I have seen good rankings .

    15 articles of 500 word cost only $45 on iwriter . You can get your site to the top of Google by updating your site every 2 day . Make sure you ping your post for easy search engine crawling
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    Forum posting,blog posting, video marketing, Facebook and twitter
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    Not sure what to say at this point, I pretty much keep on doing the same stuff, but treading a bit more carefully. Yeah, diversifying anchor texts (even though old habbits die hard ).
    I've never really been black-hat, perhaps a bit grey-hattish, and have always been the last one to give up proven techniques. But things change with time.
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    Eliminating affiliate links and adding content so pages are longer.
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    learning from SEO history should work best for all of us:

    7 SEO Apocalypses That Never Happened | Search Engine Journal
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      You have to hide affiliate links altogether (e.g. behind a login) or eliminate them altogether, and then adding unique content. Doing both of these protect your pages from any penalties and increase your SE visibility.
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        I've been trying to remove some of the spam links that were done by my old SEO guy. My rankings has not slipped, however I wanted to make sure it doesn't in the next update.
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    hey frnd..
    i am generate the organic traffic using seo..
    choose keywrods from adword with high global ranking and low competition..
    also do take to chose only 3-4 keywords..
    and do forum posting,directory submision,blog commenting,socail bookmark sharing site..
    submit ur website url to top directory with pr above 5...and do blog commenting on sites similar to ur site niche..
    do forum posting as much as u can..
    make your content fresh and unique...above all a blooger need patience and consistence in his work..
    Happy blogging..hope it helps you..
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    Running in fear from Google is the only strategy I follow now
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    Varying anchor text, this is a very important point. Relevant links also are good.
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