Adsense account banned??

by add191
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I tried to use Google Adsense but after I just built 4 niche sites for like a week. I did not touch anything, didn't click on any ads, all 4 websites have 2 articles and I am planning to add more articles in the future. Yesterday, I got 50 cents out of one click and all of the sudden Bam, Google banned me for what?

Good thing I only earned 50 cents so far.
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    Hey add191,

    From the way you describe it, it looks like you bought your
    Adsense account?

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    I can't use bought Adsense account?
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      Originally Posted by add191 View Post

      I can't use bought Adsense account?
      Not if you want to have a reasonable expectation that you won't get banned for "no reason".

      Most likely, Google connected you to a previously banned account. That's a clear violation of their terms and an immediate termination.

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    You can - but the issue is when you use an Adsense
    account on brand new sites... it's a clear sign to me
    (if I were a Google bot... but I'm just make a wild
    guess here) that your account wasn't secured through
    the regular route.

    Adsense accounts used to be given out easily like
    flyers in days of old.

    Now, they're a pain to get approved.

    Because you need to put the ads on a site that has
    real traffic coming in or a website that is already

    I'm not an Adsense expert per se... but I figure that
    if you want to make money through Adsense, it's still
    better to build an authority site.

    Get traffic to the site, build up a community of sorts
    and then apply for an Adsense account with Google.

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    So strategy here is to build up a good website first then place ads later?
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    Yeah - that's a good way to go. Of course, if you
    want to try to monetize it before you go with
    Adsense, you can try other contextual advertising

    You can check out (not my
    site) for other contextual opportunities. Take note
    that the links there are affiliate links for the site
    owner though.

    And when you want to apply for Adsense, remove
    these ads from your site.

    Google doesn't like these competitive ads, in my

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    Google Must have sent you a notification... I advise you to check your e-mail....

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    nope Google just banned me first before any notification, That is why I don't even know why i was banned
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    The only times they give any kind of notification is
    if your account generates a sizable amount of income.

    That being said... there are stories of well known
    partners who got nuked for no apparent reason

    The only difference is that *sometimes*, you get a
    notification from them because you have someone
    in Google whom you can contact.

    Can't recall where I got that information from, sorry...
    but I recall someone having a representative from
    Google who helps warn him when there's a particular
    area that Google may frown upon (and they frown a lot).

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    By the way, if you want to read more about Adsense
    and how to make money with it, this section of the
    forum should prove to be much use to you:
    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum

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    Were your content spun or copied? This could also be a reason for the ban . I also know that it will be almost difficult for google to approve an adsense accts for a new website and it will be even more difficult when the site is as tin as the one you described
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