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Hi Guys

I run a construction company in the uk . We specialise in fitting of bathrooms , kitchens , gas and plumbing works at the minute.

I am massively interested in the marketing of this business online which has broght me to this forum.

So far I have seperated my my webpage and now focus on specific landing pages with the view to generating leads.

I use an online web tool called unbounce which allows me to quicky make new sites and split test them against each other and have recently introduced video etc to try and increase my leads generated.

My questions are would any proper marketers be interested in trying to challenge my landing pages to increase conversion rates if I were to offer a prize every time it was beaten. I am wondering whether some of the tried and tested long sales letters would help in this industry ?

If so how much would the prize have to be.

Also would be interested in speaking to people that could get my landing pages to rank high organicly if anyone thinks this is possible iI would be willing to hire.

I have split the same site into about 50 sites with slightly different headlines specific to adwords ads i have written . One of them is here (please pm for link , I dont have enough posts) The site is very basic.

These sites are non existant organicly but would want them ranked for keywords like B&q bathroom , wickes bathroom , bathroom fitter , not sure how many keywords you get get a small site to rank for.

Also dont really want to get banned .

Any info most welcom . Hope I have posted in the right place.

Thanks in advance

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    Obviously if people were to take up the challenge and prove sucsesful . I have many other websites ready to upgrade and more in the pipeline to create this could become a job I would be willing to outsource.

    Thanks Again
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    Creating numerous websites all over the place seems sporadic. Its not something I would do.

    Why not just build an authority site that delivers high quality content, and build a list????

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      I target people who are looking to have a bathroom fitted in local areas to me .

      So if they type in bathroom fitter newcastle . I am top of google with adwords for this keyword. My site then has the headline bathroom fitter in newcastle and my offer my guarantee and a basic price list. My aim is to get them to leave a phone number via a contac form so I can call them and visit to arrange an estimate.

      I havent tested yet as I have just broken them down. But have another site exactly the same that says bathroom fitter sunderland which matches their exact keyword search on google and has the same headline in my page . It just reiterates to my potential client that this is what they were looking for and keeps them on the page a little longer . I now want to up my conversion ( ie getting phone numbers ) a little more.

      Not sure if a long sales letter like the ones I see written for products on here would help in my field and would like to split test it .

      Hope this helps

      Any more questions fire away
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        Ok just PM me or post here the link to one site that you have that you want to increase more traffic . Tell me how much traffic you have and I will try to double it. Make it the best one that offers your services, and post it here. After 1 day tell me how much increase you got so I can plan or change my strategy if I have to.

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