0.13% CTR help evaluating my 1st campaign pls.

by Joe Ox
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I am conducting a dry test using google ads.
The costumers get redirected to a sales page with a buy now button.
I am testing if the idea would work or not.
This is what Ive got so far:

40000 impressions
51clicks on the ad
2 click on "buy now"

I would really appreciate some help in evaluating these datas, as this is my first test.
ps. I am already changing ads, targeting different keywords, I changed the sales page two times.

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    What type of page is it? real product or ebook? What are you selling?
    What advertising? the content network or Google search? How many keywords?

    You need to test conversions with adwords and analytics and slow down your campaign, split the keywords into small groups of around 20 each.
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    It's an ebook,
    I am trying only google search after I tried google network+google search. (Im trying only google search just to test something different as with both network and search it didnt seem to work well to me, but I might be wrong).

    around 25keywords.

    I have no clue of what you mean when you write:

    -slow down your campaign
    -test conversion using analytics
    -split keywords in groups

    could you please explain?

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    You're not giving enough information. What's your QS? What's your average position?

    There's not enough data to make information decisions here. 2 sales in 51 clicks is a good start but nowhere near enough to have tried two different pages already.

    I'm speculating that you are using search and display at the same time. Don't. Have separate campaigns for each. Use only search to start with. In fact, I'd stop the campaign right now until you learn more about best practices to build a campaign, you don't seem to know what an ad group is.
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