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Hi guys, I have a few questions.

I found a keyword with nice amount of searches and got a domain for it, it has good products to sell which should convert well. I don't want to mess this up because today Google is not forgiving bad moves.

1. How often I should put my main keyword in anchor text? Answer in % would be nice.

2. How much other related keywords should I target?

3. I was thinking to make one post with my main keyword in title and display it on the home page, to make one post for every other related keyword, and like 10 or more posts talking about general things for this topic I choose, and also reviews for few products I will sell. Is it ok strategy?

4. Should I make links to the main page or to the posts which will have these keywords in titles?

All help is appreciated, thanks!
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    latent semantic indexing ... <---- this is key to writing for seo purposes.

    link your posts back up to the main category which that post belongs to.
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    This how I do it... and it hasn't failed me so far

    1. 2% main kw density
    2. as many as you can find or have the energy to write for...
    3. definitely a good strategy, and try to make your other non kw-targeted posts fun/entertaining/interesting so you can get some referral traffic out of them (via stumbleupon and others)
    4. I don't have a conclusive answer here, I just link all over the place so everything's connected as much as possible (without it looking odd of course)

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