I Reached my first 100$ from Adsense!!!

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Hi Friends,

After a long way, I reached my 100$ in Google Adsense this month.

I reach this, because of your guidance only...

Thanks to Every one....

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    Well done! That's certainly a milestone to celebrate. To your $200 month next! :-)

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    Hello! Congratulations on such a success for you. Way to go! Keep it up then.
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    Gratz! Recently I reached them too I know what u feel ;d
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    wishing you the more with the hard work you do.
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    Congrats. Hopefully with some more hard work and dedication your next pay day will be sooner and much larger.

    If you build it, they will come. If you write it, they will read it. If it's good, well, they will tweet it, like it, share it, stumble it, pin it, post it, copy it, click it, buy it, question it, digg it and comment on it. Let's write useful, meaningful content on our sites and clean the internet up :)

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      Congratulations, now it's time to move to your $1000/mo
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        Congratulations!! It's a great feeling, isn't it?!

        Here's to many more!!
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          Excellent job!! I know your very excited and proud. Send me a PM and we can discuss how to get another $100 in adsense money faster. Keep up the hard work!!

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    Congrats! You should make a post about how you achieved this haha.
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    congratulations!you deserve it, it pays your hard work.
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