What Is This Penguin Thing All About?

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Hi everyone hope you are all well!

Just wanted to ask about this Penguin thing I keep seeing appearing all over this forum. :confused:

I keep seeing the name but haven't seen any real in depth information on it at all. Just keep seeing posts and threads about what Google has done with it or something like that.

Hope anyone can shed some light on it and if it is worth looking into definetely let me know guys!

Thanks again and see you all soon.
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    the Penguin is just an update Google made on their algorithm of how they rank websites. It happened around the 26th of April, something like that.

    LOTS of websites and blog networks (BuildMyRank, and a few others) got deindexed from the search engines completely, etc etc etc.........

    That's the short version lol. And some changes on on-page SEO too that Google is now looking at.
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    Should You Be Worried about Google’s Latest “Penguin” Update? | Copyblogger (not affiliated with em', though I certainly wish I was. It's Copyblogger!)

    This'll answer your question.
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    What we know about this Google Panda and Penguin Updates

    No, this is not an animal post. This is about google’s so called Penguin update. As I have understood it, it appears to have negative effect on sites with primarily outdated and contrived SEO links also to those sites who have agreesive number of links pointing on their money sites. The link value has been removed/ignored causing sites to fall in the search results for those keywords and now even some less important PR adjustments. But I think it also goes further into rating and categorizing sites by niche using keywords, keyword phrases and content quality.”

    Web Dev, Web Content Writer, SEO for 350$ per month

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    The quality of the pages and the content on them seems to be taken into consideration also. The more natural you look, the better.

    There seems to be value in increasing the number of links from sites within your own niche.
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    Thanks to all the answers you guys have provided!

    I wanted to clear this question out of the way because I didn't want to continue coming up with content and realising I could get punished by Google for doing something wrong in their eyes.

    Much appreciated for all feedback and my mind is now at rest.

    Thank you
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    Being on SENuke's email list, I was shown this video:

    SEnuke X, SEnuke Blog - SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization Software

    It's quite education on the topic of Panda and Penguin. I would invest the 30 minutes to watch it.
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    If you don't know about it you're doing the right thing
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    Search Engine Land has one of the best information about the penguin update. You can visit their website and you can surely get the information you want.
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