Recycling my 301 pages - Anything wrong with that?

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Couple months ago we've removed from our e-commerce site a bunch of 2011 categories and redirected (via 301) the pages to the appropriate higher level categories.

  • Example: 2011 blue widgets page redirects to blue widgets.
  • The url(s) of the 2011s categories were named in this fashion: new-blue-widgets.html
  • We currently also have 2012 categories such as 2012-blue-widgets.html
2013 products are on their way and we need to start creating 2013 categories and I'm wondering if there is any value in keeping the old urls that are currently 301'ed. We've never really deleted them from our database so all the categories are still there and ready to be updated. If I reuse the old urls "new-xxxxxx.html" I will loose out on the 2013 keyword in the url but if there is any old link juice passing thru there wouldn't that be beneficial?

Wondering if anyone has 301'd pages and then removed the 301 to see that page rank well again for very similar content.

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    They rank for a few months but the value of the 301 goes away eventually.
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    No comment on the 301, but my vote would be to keep your pages and stop deleting and remaking. You are losing links, ranking value, and bookmarks.

    Instead of remaking for 2013, why not just a "newest stuff" page or something similar, that is constantly updated? Or leaving the old in place and just making new?

    I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but just came to mind when I read your post.

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    Good point about the loosing anybookmarks although they wouldn't be totally lost as they're 301 to higher level. One thing that we would loose on is the keyword match in the url if we always used new-stuff.html instead of 2013-stuff.html Probably a small factor but still is one.... We've noticed the year value having more searches vs "new -----"
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