Traffic Travis or MNF -- Who to Believe?

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I have the free version of Traffic Travis and a keyword phrase looks easy to compete. Real easy in fact. Traffic Travis lists it as "Relatively Easy."

MNF shows the very same phrase with the stop sign and lists SOC as 61,000!

I'm tempted to put up a blogspot subdomain and see if I can rank. Blogger seems to rank real fast that way.

Have any of you had experience with these competing results? Which is right?

Here's a screenshot of Traffic Travis:
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    traffic travis is accurate than MNF. Have lot of personal experience.
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    TT is usually pretty solid. Just remember to do some manual research on the keywords you plan on spending some time trying to rank for.
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      That's good to know. The keyword phrase would be a great basic domain that I can build a fairly large site of more than 100 pages. I'll go for it. I just didn't want to waste a lot of time on something unproductive. I like MNF for those smaller/related keyword phrases that I can build individual pages around.

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    Why don't you check the search results yourself and analyze the top 10 websites by checking their PR, domain authority, link profile and on-page SEO?

    Much safer, rather than relying on the set metrics that the software gives you...
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    I have the top 5 rated keyword checkers, suggester programs , or whatever, and I have yet to have any of them agree on anything.
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    Due diligence on a keyword needs to be more than looking at a keyword tool. What are the quality of the backlinks to the website, what are the anchor text they use? What's the keyword density on the page? Are these authority websites? There are lots of questions that need to be asked that can greatly influence the question. There is no way somebody can look at a picture like this and tell you with 100% certainty how easy or hard it will be to rank for that specific keyword.

    So do your due diligence and trust your gut. It can't hurt to chase the keyword - especially if you build all the links and write all the articles yourself.
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    The 4th result looks pretty weak. If it has stayed there for a while it would be an indicator of easy competition. If it spammed its way there and will be gone in a 5-7 days, it could take you longer than anticipated to get to the top.

    - Gabriel
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    Carl Brown,

    Is Traffic Travis SEO Feature with Intitle/Inanchor results working for you properly? I'm just curious because I am trying to use the SEO Competition Analysis feature and I'm getting ZERO Results. I have done some research on the internet to see if anyone else is having issues with TT and they talk about the same issues I'm dealing with. I also use NicheFinder and lately it's been giving me some inaccurate results. I have compared the results with other keyword tools and each provide similar results. Also, seems like Google may be updating their Algorithym to impede keyword tools from working properly. Can I get some feedback from anyone here? I would greatly appreciate it. It seems the best way to analyze seo data is by doing so manually, but it takes so freaking long! LOL
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