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After going to through the web how to beat penguin uptate

Money Site << Web 2.0 << Social bookmarks that is the perfect solution to beat penguin as well as panda and never forget keywords variations.

How many keywords should be used in anchor text in one web 2.0? or how many back links to the website from a web 2.0

We need to used unique article each time for web 2.0 or used the same web 2.0 for 10-15

Or we can use the spin version of article
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    Go through as usual but this time integrity must be there whenever you promote your website for product or services. This time is for the syndication instead of any kind of anchoring or else promoting web site through landing pages. Keep offering resource url of main source from where exactly you brought that article. Keep your anchoring in original source instead of keeping anchor on multiple web 2.0 properties every time.

    Wish you good luck with Syndication strategy
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    Best SEO strategy is to go for pure White-Hat techniques. But it may take years to see result with white hat SEO practices.
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    There is no other best time to practice white hat than today!
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    I would be more focus on social signals...
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    The best strategy post Penguin is quality backlinks, diversified anchor text (unoptimized + naked URLs), as well as some social indicators.

    The thing is, the whole idea of linkbuilding is still the same. What's changed is lazy linkbuilding. Before you could be a lazy SEO, buy a crap ton of links, all with the same anchor text, and rank for a ton of keywords. These days that isn't possible.

    Now you need to make sure you diversify anchor texts in links and include unoptimized anchor text. You need to make sure that you backlink more than just the homepage, and just about every page on your site. Be sure to have social indicators, like tweets, facebook likes and especially G+ shares.
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      I am new here...can any of you guys suggest some of the best warriors to use for backlink building?
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    Lately what I like to do is Build Web 2.0s Then point them at my blog network which.... Points at my money site

    Safe and hell just as effective as BMR was... For me anyways
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