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Can anybody give me an example of just what exactly is a "high quality backlink", I'm interested to know what people regard these as, examples would be much appreciated.

Also, what other factors are now important for long term sustainable SEO? I'm trying to build an authority site with extremely high quality content in the investment/financial niche.

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    • Topical relevance of the anchor text used with the linking page's main content.
    • The page title and the content of the linking page are relevant to the destination of the backlink.
    • PageRank of the linking page is 4 or greater.
    • Usage of targeted keywords or rich keyphrase as anchor text.
    • Backlink has a dofollow attribute.
    • Authority and trust rank of the linking domain.
    • Backlinks from .gov and .edu sites.
    • Placement of the backlink is within the body copy if possible.
    • Natural-looking or more likely placed as a reference by satisfied users.
    • Placed on a page that has less than 30 external links.
    • Uniqueness of the linking root domains.
    • Age of the Backlink.
    • Anchor texts used vary in building links.
    • The Backlink's anchor text meets the needed keyword density in page title (40% or more), body text (1-2%) and anchor text of the destination page.
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    High quality back links means the links that are related to high page rank websites. It means the good quality submissions with unique content.
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    High quality back links means getting the back links from the well reputed sites.But they not gives you easily back links so what we do.We focus on relevancy and quality.When we post any thing about our website keep in mind quality and relevancy.
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    Links from .edu,.gov,high PR blogs with low obl belongs to high quality links.

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    • High quality backlinks are those from well established, authoritative sites that are related to your website. It is better to get 10 quality backlinks from reputable sources than 100 links from poor quality or low PR sites.
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      • They're basically reputed websites having high PR with good quality content. Those websites can be considered as high quality backlinks for your website. Actually they're considered as good resources for your website, for getting search engine ranking benefits and quality traffic to your website as well.
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    Links from quality content and relevant high pr sites are called high quality backlinks.
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    • With all the recent Google algorithm changes, how priority are quality backlinks as a part of your traffic building strategy? Seems like quite a few firms are pushing content and ranking for tons of keywords versus just backlinking. What's the best way to get backlinks that don't get removed and also generate good quality traffic?

      Kind Regards.
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    Well, that was an intersting list. Thanks ellenpage.
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