Guys please take a look at this domain and tell me what it is

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Hi guys,

After the google updates i`ve really started to get my head back into learning and i`ve been playing around with tools like spyglass which i never used to bother with before.

Checking out a site in spyglass thats ranking well for the keyword i`m looking at the site in question has tons of PR4 links pointing at it.

At first i couldn`t belive how many PR4 links where pointing at it but after checking out a few i`m not sure exactly what the links are ie are they coming from his own blog network , are they paid links ect

Could you guys help me out and let me know what you think this link actually is ? I can actually see its not a real high quality link and its definitly used as a backlink site but i`m trying to learn as much as possible these days so heres the site.

h t t p : / /w w w This is the site with the backlink on it so how powerful is a backlink from this site.

h t t p ://w w w This is actually the site that i ran though spyglass and my heart sank a little when i saw just how many PR4 PR3 links it has pointing at it what do you guys think ??

Cheers Jim
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    It's defiantly not a typical paid link, the entire backlink site is focused on the same niche.

    site:www [dot] cwcbm [dot] com
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    The backlink site is scraping yahoo answers for content:

    "Does anyone know of a good doctor that isvery cheap my girlfriend" - Google Search
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    Ok so i guess its not a very good backlink even though the PR of the page is PR4 ??

    The site i was checking has tons of these PR4 pages linkiing to it but they all look the same..

    h t t p ://w w
    h t t p ://w w w
    h t t p://w w

    And lots more what are they ?
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    Originally Posted by jimkirk1943 View Post

    my heart sank a little when i saw just how many PR4 PR3 links it has pointing at it what do you guys think ??

    Cheers Jim
    Hi Jim, surely this type of site (when you see a lot of "niche-focused" high PR links pointing to it) is gonna be relatively hard to compete with "head on".

    And that's why private blog network is getting much more valuable now than ever. So seriously do considering building one for long-term.

    However, those may just be the public blog network links he's getting, which means you can simply get those links too

    Before jumping into the suggestions, let's clear the huge myth that people keep scaremongering about the danger of public blog network.

    The fact is, if those links are just 20% of your backlinks, you won't be affected much at all, even if all those 20% of links got removed and you lose a few spots, you'll be able to regain ranks pretty fast and easily.

    People who were mourning about their sites disappearing from the SERP after the deindexation of some public networks was because a large portion (if not 100%) of their backlinks are from those networks. That's why you can easily find a lot of "the Sky is falling" threads and posts on forums.

    I hope that has given you some confidence!

    Here are 2 suggestions:

    1) Sign up in 1 or 2 public blog network and get high PR links from them. However, remember NOT to rely purely on those links, just make it about 10-20% of your backlinks and you'll be perfectly fine

    2) No matter if you're convinced or not, you can always target MORE long-tails to bypass the "head-on" competitions.

    Those long-tails can have 10x LESS search volumes but when they add up, it's just as profitable as the ONE highly competitive term.

    Even better, imagine if your fortunately get to the #1 spot on Google for that highly competitive term, but unfortunately lose its rank after a Google update, you simply lose EVERYTHING.

    However when each page of yours target, lets say 10 long-tails with small search volumes (remember, they will add up), it's nearly impossible NOT to rank and maintain your top positions for many of those long-tails even after any Google update, which is much more secure for your income.

    Even better, with that many long-tails, you will rank faster, easier, and you won't even have to care about those anchor over-optimization stuffs.

    Sorry for making this post this long, but I purely just hope to help out.

    Don't panic man, it's not as hard as you think
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    Interesting post Jet chan and thanks for taking the time to write it up, Its not quite on topic as i really wanted to know more details on the sites the links are sat on.

    But you do make some interesting points 1 being the private blog network which is what i`m working on right now and why i`m asking questions on these links because i want to try to compare the links on the site i`m posting about to the links i will be building on my own sites i already have a good PR3 domain with seo hosting just waiting for my to add content and links.

    and the other point is about having a page that ranks for 10 long-tail you know i have absolutly no idea how to correctly rank 10 long tail on one page ??

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      There are tons of good page rank websites with bad backlinking and moreover thans Jet chan for your valuable post.

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