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I have a site selling a unique NZ product in the jewelry/jewellery market, I want to ensure visitors to the site that this is indeed a NZ company selling a NZ product and am a little stuck on which direction to take...

We use UK english here, so it makes sense to me to write the content using UK spelling 'jewellery' however I dont want to miss out on keyword searches relating to US spelling 'jewelry'

whats the best approach for this?
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    I had this issue with a client wanting to write about their "Internship Programme"
    From research check google keyword tool I found that even in the UK:
    MORE people search for Internship Program
    (so best advice is go for the one more people search for - im sure you find the same in NZ)

    now I did a search and foundthis:





    so the answer for you myfriend is if you want people only in NZ then go for the UK spelling as it seems they have more searches, however the amount of people globally searching for the US spelling is much higher

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    It comes down to ONE factor, and that is Google Keyword Tool.

    I had sites id rather go with the misspelling (!!) of the word instead of the correct one.
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    Get the UK one and put it in your url and page title but put the usa version in your meta decsciption and meta keywords or include it on your site often.
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    Thanks for the replies, I think the only thing I was worried about was the fact its a NZ product and needed to be sure the content atleast looked like it was written by a NZer as I have warnings all over the site saying 'beware of cheap imitations especially from online stores not based in NZ'

    The interesting thing is after I posted this I text 40ish people (All NZers) and asked them if they were to search for jewelry online how exactly would they spell jewellery... and only 4 people replied with the UK spelling, most used the US spelling and a bunch used a variation jewelery so with that in mind I think its safe to go ahead and use the one that ranks the best using the keyword tool for content and include all options in the meta keywords
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    you can use Google Keyword Tool for tracking the keyword
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