Would these 2-way reciprocal links harm SEO?

by derekd
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I have some guest posts written for other popular blogs. These articles link back to my blog providing a nice back-link, but I'm wondering if I should avoid:

A) Linking to those guest posts on my blog (providing a 2-way link?) for my readers to check out.


B) Linking to the primary blog that I guest posted for on my recommended websites section.

My understanding is that one-way links are more highly valued, so would I be doing a disservice to myself by posting links back to the other blogs on my own blog?

I know it won't really "harm" anything, but am I sucking out a little bit of link juice from providing a link back to these sites?

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    If the links are going to highly relevant sites and content which is also relevant then the impact won't be as strong.

    As far as i can tell google is intelligent enough to tell the difference between reciprocal links created purely for SEO reasons as opposed to 2 sites which are related linking to each other for genuine reasons.

    Remember that a good part of this recent change is google actually trying to promote social sharing and genuine natural linking which is what you have in your case.
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    Google actually want knowledge sharing so share information but not a duplicate content then you can sustain your place in SERP. It would give you more quality backlinks that generates quality trraffic.
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      Link exchange doesn't harm your website as long as it is done in moderation and is a small part of your overall link profile.

      Directory submission and link exchange are some of the oldest forms of link building...both still work....there is no doubt about that.

      You just have to be careful about the kind of sites you are exchanging links from....if it is related to your niche and is a reputable one, then there is no point worrying about exchanging links with them....hope that helps!!!!
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    Thanks for the input guys! That all makes sense.
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