What Would You Do In This Scenario?

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Hey Guys,
So I am about to start a campaign with an SEO company that promises that you only pay for results. The jist of it is that if you get to the 2nd page for a specific keyword, you pay a fixed $ per month, 1st page is a fixed $ per month, etc.

My question is, I can choose 12 keywords for this company to work on. Would it be better for me to choose 12 different urls/pages (same site) with 12 different keywords, or choose 3 or 4 keywords per url.

So, meaning if I want to rank for "xyz product", would it be wise to target similar keywords (pointing to the same URL) such as

"xyz product review"
"xyz product results"
"does xyz product work"

or, do you think if I am just targeting the one keyword ("xyz product"), that the other keywords mentioned above will just naturally start to rank better, without me paying for them.

I hope I am explaining this properly, let me know if your confused and what you would do.


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