will google penalize if WWW is removed from website?

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have a website and decided to remove WWW because it seems to be the future of the internet. will google care if we do a redirect (or however it works) if we remove the www and it automatically redirects to the main domain name? ( site.com as opposed to www.site.com )

any penalization possible with google deindexing us?
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    Future of the internet? How so? www and without www is considered different to Google, so if you are going to go without www then make sure you do a 301 redirect for www to non www, that way you can ensure you have one version of your site. So if anyone went to www.site.com they get redirected to site.com, but future of the internet? No.

    BTW this is a very common thing that has been going on for a long time, most SEO optimized sites have this redirection, either redirecting from www to non www or visa versa.
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    I second sillysoft's comments and I'll add that whenever you link to your site from within and without, always use the same URL prefix. For example, if you decide to drop the www, make sure that all your links are in the same form (site.com and NOT www.site.com)
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    thanks guys, this solved my problem.
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    what if other sites make backlink to your site with www, which one of your site have this backlink? special after redirection
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    Mike is quite correct. I heard this sentence "Use same URL prefix" even from some well experienced SEO guys. But good practice is as mike said. I too recommend you to use all four prefixes and to do redirection. Also build 50%+ backlinks without anchor texts.
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