Is there any chance is Google dance instead of Panda or Penguin ?

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Today i have just noticed a massive drop in my SERPS for many keywords
The site is quite an old domain.. is there any change that's just Google dance ?
Or i have been hit by Panda or penguin ?
It freaked me out.
Can Google dance happen in multiple keywords at a time or am slapped for sure ?
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    There is nowhere near enough information given for anyone to even guess on that.
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    If it happened for multiple keywords chances are it was a slap/penalty

    Dances usually effect a certain keyword

    Now I'm not saying its not possible it's a dance. It's just super unlikely
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  • Most likely penguin slapped you. Dout it would be a dance since as someone already mentioned, Google dance usually happens on a certain keyword and not all at once.
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    Like this drops happens always.. if the site clean, content rich, no spam links then no need to worry will be back within a month... just carry on the SEO..but by this drop do not do over optimization, reconsideration request....better is stop all off page and work with on page and content, change title, some layout etc....
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      I think i know what happened.. a month ago i set a geographic target area in webmasters other than the country that the site is located and operating in.
      so i checked SERPS in other country's and i still rank the same.. the drop was only in the region the sites operates in.
      So it must have set in just know..

      The idea behind that was to rank better in the region that most customers come from.
      I dont know if it was a good one.. but thank god its not a algo slap.

      see here

      should i remove it ? am not sure who exatly the regional targeting works.
      So the question here is

      Will that help boost rankings in google uk .? or just remove all other country's making the site not to rank good at the actual country that the site is based in ?
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